Tigres’ might must be reflected on the pitch.- Jürgen Damm

ZUAZUA | Thursday, September 1, 2016.- A top quality squad has been created at Tigres and now the team must reflect this on the pitch, assured the midfielder, Jürgen Damm, who gives the manager, Ricardo Ferretti, the credit for the fine group that has been formed and which he brands as the best in Mexico.

“I think we’ve got a fine group. ‘Profe Tuca’ (Mr. Ferretti’s nickname) has put together an excellent and, in particular, very fit squad, so we have to reflect not only this, but also a great deal of humility, on the pitch, match after match, seeking to do our very best to prove on the field that Tigres is the top team in Mexico. Hopefully, we can be champions to reflect the investment that’s been made,” he explained.

We’ve been working on correcting any errors this week.

“We’ve been working on sharpening our skills, improving our physical fitness. ‘Profe’ has been trying to improve any details in which we’ve been making mistakes, and, fortunately, this has helped us a lot. Training has been intense over the past four days and, God willing, we’ll be in tiptop shape for the upcoming came.”

New reinforcements generate healthy competition.

“New competition is always positive, as long as it’s healthy competition. It enhances each player’s effectiveness since we all want to be starters. So, in every training session and every single match in which we play, we want to prove ourselves and I think this is good for the group as a whole, forcing us to push ourselves to the limit.

“God willing, he (Andy Delort) will contribute to the team. He’s an important player and there’s a reason why Tigres has made the effort to bring him here. Now it’s our job to support him and help him to adapt as quickly as possible, scoring goals together with Gignac.”

First-rate reinforcements are positive for Mexican football.

“Of course, I think that Andy is a great player and he showed this in France. Gignac came here to play his best and all these footballers are more than welcome. We all have to support each other and try to improve Mexican football, for everyone’s sake.”

So happy at Tigres that, if it were up to him, he’d stay for his entire career.

“I’ve said it over and over again: I’m in the best team in Mexico with the best manager and am in no rush to leave. I think it’s important to carry on learning from ‘Tuca’, especially as I’m still only 23. I need to consolidate my position here and, as time goes by, if it’s God’s will and the directors’ and ‘Profe Tuca’s’ decision, then I’ll be happy if I get to play many minutes and matches and, if not, then I’m still happy as I’m already in the best team and this is where I’d like to stay throughout my career.”