Tigres’ plan will be to go out to win.- Damián

ZUAZUA | Tuesday, August 23, 2016.- The match against Plaza Amador on Wednesday will be Tigres’ presentation at home within the 2016-2017 CONCACAF Champions League. The felines cannot afford to underestimate their opponent and will have to go out with the mentality of winning, not leaving anything to chance and making important progress on the path to qualifying to the next round of the tournament, assured Damián Álvarez.

“This (the match against Plaza Amador from Panama) is serious for us; it’s one of the objectives we have set for ourselves and we won’t be leaving anything to chance in this competition. We know we have the opportunity with an alternative team to show what we are capable of.

“The plan is to go out to win. During the match we will do our best to solve any situations that might arise and find the best way to earn the three points in order to come closer to qualifying. We must understand that you have to play the matches, that every team deserves seriousness and we always play with this seriousness, without underestimating any team, and seeking to make the most of our capacities. That’s just basic, so there’s nothing to stop us going into this match with humility and giving our all,” said ‘Enano’.

They know the Panamanian opponent.

“We’ve seen a couple of videos and we’re focusing (…) on the tactical side, looking for their good facets and weaknesses. Then, based on that, analyze it and choose the best proposal to win. Obviously, this is an athletic, dynamic team that runs and puts the pressure on, which is important for us, because it they pressure us, we have to pressure them even more and, above all, play football. I think these will be the guidelines, the conditions we want to impose.”

They will not be playing with statistics.

“(…) they’re the Mexican teams that compete in the Club World Cup, which indicates that for tomorrow, the statistics say that we’re going to win the match, but we must focus on tomorrow’s match and not think that just because we’re a Mexican side we’ll win easily.”

No surprises at home.

“We don’t want that to happen, especially not at home. That’s why I’m saying that the only approach is to go out onto the pitch to win, but playing in our own way, regardless of who our opponent is. We have to be the better side and understand the seriousness and risk of playing against a team that runs fast, puts the pressure on, that can handle fixed tactics, because they also train, they also play and they also have players who want to win. We have to overcome this, but we don’t want any team to defeat us at home.”

Plaza Amador will not be allowed to perform a feat.

“It’s difficult, because Tigres isn’t just any team and playing against us is hard, especially on our field. They’ve got a difficult test, but our test is even more complicated, going out onto the pitch, knowing what we’re working for and that the players (we have) must defeat their rival and win the match. So, both teams go out to win and the best team will be the winner.”