Tigres’ priority will be the League championship. - ‘Tuca’ Ferretti

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Monday, June 13, 2016.- The UANL Tigres have returned to the training sessions and their manager, Ricardo Ferretti, clarified that the objective for this new season is to seek, first and foremost, the 2016 Summer (Apertura) League title and, secondly, to fight for that of the Concacaf League Championship.

‘Tuca’ came to the Universitario Stadium press room after the team’s first practice following the vacation period, where he discussed objectives, assembling the team and the arrival of the reinforcements for this new season.

“We all aim to enjoy a good preseason, work well so that as the games go by we can reap the points to reach the top spots. That’s why this institution invests so much and why I have the full support of the directors, to achieve this and not suffer like we did in last season, even though we reached the Final and lost in one tournament, and played in the Quarter Finals in another.

“We are facing two (tournaments) and I think it’s fair if we say which one is our priority; we could say both (Liga and Concacaf), which is what we attempted last season. We almost made it in one and were eliminated from the other, but even if you say both, one of them is going to have a higher percentage and I think that, undoubtedly, Mexican football is the priority,” commented the Brazilian manager.

Regarding the current situation with signing Ismael Sosa, ‘Tuca’ explained that it appears to be an administrative issue (with Pumas), which is out of his control, and commented that he hopes it is solved quickly so Sosa can join the team for the entire preseason.

“I know that it’s an administrative issue that has to be sorted out by the directors. I’m very interested in the player and he has the right for everything to be in order.

“I hope it can be resolved as soon as possible, because I would like to have all the players that I am contemplating for the football year with us during the preseason, have them here as soon as possible, so we can train, get to know each other, get to know their teammates, to understand what our goals are,” he said.

‘Tuca’ apologizes

The media asked Ferretti about the traffic incident he was involved in this weekend and the Brazilian calmly apologized to everyone who might have been hurt by the way he acted.

“I was wrong to offend the poor man just because I was so upset; it truly wasn’t right. I should like to apologize to him and also to his mother who wasn’t in any way to blame at all,” he explained, “it’s wrong because of what I represent, because I am a public figure.”