Tigres Come Back for One Point: 3-3!

MORELIA, August 12th.- Tigres Women had to come back to save a lost match, drawing 3-3 with Morelia Monarcas on the fifth matchday of the Women’s Liga MX Apertura 2019.

Even though our side remains unbeaten, this is their third draw in four games, meaning that they are, for now, outside the qualification zone with six points.


The first 45 minutes were filled with contrasts, since our side got off to a good start, with possession and passing pitch-wide, while goalkeeper Vania Villalobos gave a solid performance at the back.

Tigres Women opened the scoring quickly, when, at minute six, Lizbeth Ovalle broke away along the left into the goal area, but her shot was saved by the keeper, rebounding to Katty Martínez who scored.

From then on, the opponent began to grow in confidence and put keeper Villalobos to the test, forcing her to save her net three times, intercepting and holding onto the ball twice.

The team managed by Roberto Medina, true to their style, endeavored to maintain possession with long passes across the entire field of play. Nevertheless, at 18’, Dalia Molina, got off a shot inside the box that Villalobos rejected, but Karla Jiménez refused to give up and equalized in the counterattack.

Later at the 24th minute, Dalia Molina sped ahead of her mark, Cristina Ferral, who was unable to catch up, and fired off a shot at Villalobos to take the lead.

It wasn’t an easy evening for our players, who were trying to gain possession, but were having a hard time in their overlapping.

Just when it seemed things couldn’t get any worse, a defensive error on the left enabled María Cruzaley, who crossed, inside the box, to the near post, where Karla Jiménez pushed the ball in, making it an unimaginable 3-1.

Before the break, Tigres Women came close, with a shot by Liliana Mercado, but Diana García came forward to deny prevent the goal.




In the second half, the blue and yellows set the pace, with our players putting the pressure on the opponent’s net over and over again, particularly as of minute 53, when Natalia Gómez Junco came on to replace Cristina Ferral.

At minute 54, Blanca Solís was in a position to finish, but the Michoacán defense denied her the opportunity and, at the other end, Gómez Junco para was forced to dig deep to prevent Monarcas’ goal.

At 58’, Tigres Women had their best opportunity, when Katty passed to Belén Cruz, who broke away unmarked, and before entering the box, crossed to Lizbeth Ovalle, who cut back only for her shot to be intercepted by the keeper.

Two minutes later, Alejandra Calderón broke into the box, but her cross went just wide of the left post.

Afterwards, at 62’, Katty Martínez had a chance in the goal area to score the second, but missed to the right.

But Tigres persisted and, at minute 66, off a corner on the right,  Greta Espinoza scored with a header to put our players back in the game. The 3-2 score gave our side the chance  to hope for more.

Two minutes later, Vania Villalobos got a good look at goal, even though she appeared to have been defeated.

Belén Cruz came close again at the 75th minute, with a mid-range shot that the goalkeeper easily blocked.

Then, at minute 84, a foul on Ovalle allowed the referee to award a penalty without hesitation, so, at 85’, Katty Martínez converted to equalize 3-3.

In stoppage time, Vania Villalobos made a spectacular save, conceding a corner just when it seemed as though the ball would go in.



MORELIA: 1 Diana García; 3 MaryPaz Barboza, 5 María Cruzaley, 6 Tania Cortez (14 Michel Guerrero 69’), 9 Dalia Molina, 11 Karla Jiménez, 13 María Sandoval, 15 Alejandra Calderón, 18 María Ruiz, 19 Andrea Torres and 27 Sahiry Cruz.


TIGRES: 33 Vania Villalobos; 4 Greta Espinoza, 6 Nancy Antonio, 7 Liliana Mercado (5 Fernanda Elizondo 74’), 10 Katty Martínez, 13 Karen Luna, 14 Lizbeth Ovalle, 15 Cristina Ferral (21 Natalia Gómez Junco 53’), 18 Belén Cruz, 19 Blanca Solís (9 Evelyn González 61’) and 22 Selene Cortés.



0-1 (6’) Katty Martínez header off the rebound from the goalkeeper inside the six-yard box.

1-1 (18’) Karla Jiménez scores off the rebound from the keeper in the box.

2-1 (24’) Dalia Molina breaks away, defeats her mark, Selene Cortez, enters the goal area and scores.

3-1 (41’) María Cruzaley overlaps on the left and crosses to the left where Karla Jiménez pushes the ball in.

3-2 (66’) Greta Espinoza header to the far post following a corner.

3-3 (85’) Katty Martínez converts a penalty to the left post and scores.








REFEREE: Francia González


ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Jesús Lagunes