Tigres defeats Puebla to become the Super Leader

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Saturday, September 17, 2016.- Saturday saw the arrival of the fifth victory for the felines at the Universitario Stadium, and with that, the Super Leadership in the 2016 Summer Tournament (Apertura). Tigres not only defeated Puebla 2-1 with goals by André-Pierre Gignac and Javier Aquino, but also remained unbeaten for yet another fixture.

The match was somewhat complicated for the felines and although they were the better side throughout the 90 minutes, the Camoteros didn’t accept defeat so easily, making things difficult and putting the pressure on in the universitarios’ territory. However, ultimately the drive and quality of the felines prevailed.

With Tigres’ triumph and Xolos’ draw, the felines reached a total of 19 points, one point more than the Tijuana side, taking them to the top of the table in the Apertura 2016.


Tigres came on with the same team that beat Morelia in their last match, with Jesús Dueñas and Jorge Torres Nilo along the flanks, and José Torres accompanying Guido Pizarro in the defense, leaving Lucas Zelarayán alone in the midfield, behind André-Pierre Gignac, and with Ismael Sosa and Javier Aquino as wingers.

Puebla played with a clear 4-4-2 and sought to pressure Tigres from the kick-off, pushing their men forward, something that doesn’t usually happen with teams that visit the Universitario Stadium. With this, Tigres had to break away as fast as possible from the back.


After the first 15 minutes of play, Gignac and Sosa attempted shots from outside the zone aimed at the goal, but they were unable to find the back of the net. The felines were in control of the match, but the visitors pulled out all the stops to deter them.

During the first 30 minutes, Tigres did their best to reach the Puebla team’s goal, breaking away along the flanks and with ‘Gringo’ Torres leading the way to the opponent’s goal.

At minute 32, the Camoteros had their first goal opportunity, when Jerónimo Amione sent the ball into the back of Nahuel Guzmán’s goal, but the first linesman, Juan Rangel, decided to disallow it as an offside.

The match went a bit haywire after the disallowed goal, and Tigres tried to take advantage of this moment. Just afterwards, the felines were awarded a penalty, when Guido Pizarro was penetrating the zone by himself. Gignac took the penalty and sent the team to the locker room with a minimal advantage.


The second half started with the same Tigres players as Ferretti decided to keep his initial team. Just three minutes after the referee blew the whistle, Gignac attempted an individual play that left him face-to-face with the goalkeeper, who deflected the ball, allowing Zelarayán to shoot, though unsuccessfully.

Just as Tigres were at their most dangerous, the Puebla side broke away leaving the feline defense in disarray and Guido Pizarro blocked a shot by the opponents with his hands. The referee awarded a penalty shot that Gustavo Alustiza sent into the back of the net.

Ferretti’s men were finding it difficult to generate goal opportunities, so the manager decided to make some substitutions. ‘Gringo’ Torres was replaced by Damián Álvarez, who went to the left flank, sending Aquino to the right. This left two forwards and then Sosa was substituted by Andy Delort.

At 80’, the felines missed a magnificent opportunity. A shot by ‘Chino’ Zelarayán was deflected by the Puebla goalkeeper, landing at Gignac’s feet, who smashed the ball once more into the netkeeper. The felines kept insisting until Aquino scored from a free kick outside the box at the 81-minute mark, rewarding the Oaxacan player’s efforts.


#TigreDato  Tigres achieved their 15th victory head-to-head with Puebla in San Nicolás de los Garza.



1-0   (41’) Penalty shot by André-Pierre Gignac, after a foul on Guido Pizarro inside the box.

2-0   (81’) Goal by Javier Aquino in a shot from outside the box that skimmed past Campestrini’s left post.


1-1 (63’) Penalty shot taken by Gustavo Alustiza after a handball by Guido Pizarro in the zone.


Tigres: Nahuel Guzmán; Jesús Dueñas, Hugo Ayala, Juninho and Jorge Torres Nilo; Guido Pizarro, José Torres (Damián Álvarez 66’), Javier Aquino and Lucas Zelarayán (Manuel Viniegra 82’); Ismael Sosa (Andy Delort 77’) and André-Pierre Gignac

Puebla: Cristian Campestrini; Héctor Schmidt, Patricio Araujo, Robert Herrera and Carlos Orrantia; Óscar Rojas, José Toledo (Christian Bermúdez), Francisco Torres (Álvaro Navarro 83’) and Damián Escudero; Gustavo Alustiza and Jerónimo Amione (Eduardo Pérez 91’)

Referee: Paul Enrique Delgadillo Haro


Tigres: Javier Aquino (42’), Juninho (71’)

Puebla: Óscar Rojas (16’), Robert Herrera (68’)