Tigres draw with Puebla

PUEBLA, March 20.- The Tigres UANL were denied a goal, earning one point in the capital city of the state of Puebla, with a 0-0 draw, which keeps them in the playoff classification zone.

The area surrounding the Cuauhtémoc Stadium was a sea of blue and yellow with the arrival of almost 12 thousand ‘incomparable ones’ who had come to support their team.

Manager Ricardo Ferretti’s headaches began three minutes into the game, when Iván Estrada picked up an injury in his left knee and had to be substituted by Antonio Briseño as a defender at 4’.

However, the famous ‘Pollo’ did a good job while he was on the pitch, coordinating brilliantly with Hugo Ayala and Juninho, who can boast their third consecutive zero, including a Concacaf game.

Tigres had several opportunities, although they were competing against a team that never lowered their guard, despite playing the last 21 minutes with ten men after Christian Bermúdez was sent off.

At 21’, Alustiza’s powerful shot was saved by Nahuel Guzmán, making the silent fans break into a cheer.

Rafael Sobis, at the 23-minute mark, responded for our team, with a shot that went over the Puebla team’s goal.

In injury time, Tigres attempted to move forward, but Puebla began to hit harder, earning yellow cards and later on a red card for Bermúdez, at the 69th minute.

Before that, Nahuel saw the ball hit the crossbar of his goal, with a shot by Alustiza at the 48-minute mark. At 51’, Chino Zelarayan matched this attempt, this time with a set-piece that flew just wide of the left post.

Puebla kept on insisting, but Tigres maintained their formation, although they suffered somewhat in clearing the ball. A header by Toledo at 54’ just wide of the left post came as a warning that the ‘La Franja’ (Puebla) players wanted more.

Andre-Pierre Gignac, who will now be forming part of the French National Team, attempted to score at minute 55, but the ball went over the goal.

Later on, at 60’, Nahuel deflected a ball from his goal, saving Tigres. Soon afterwards, Bermúdez was sent off and our team began to take control of the match.

Then, Tuca took Sobis off and replaced him with Espericueta, followed by Briseño to give Fernando Fernández an opportunity. As a result, Javier Aquino, who is also going to play for his national team, played on the right flank.

In this position, the player from Oaxaca had a chance at goal at the 74th minute, with a shot that went wide of the right-hand post, and later on, at 83’, he made his way into the goal area, face to face with Puebla’s goalie, but lost this opportunity.

All things considered, one point is not so bad, especially since it keeps Tigres in the playoff classification zone for the 2016 Winter Tournament.


PUEBLA: Cristian Campestrini; Edgar Dueñas, Luis Robles, Christian Bermúdez, Gustavo Alustiza, Oscar Rojas, David Toledo, Flavio Santos (Carlos Orrantia 63’), Ramón Arias, Christian Valdez (Damián Escudero 68’) and Alberto Acosta (Jeronimo Amione 88’).

TIGRES: Nahuel Guzmán; Iván Estrada (Antonio Briseño 4’)(Fernando Fernández 77’), Hugo Ayala, Juninho, José Rivas, Guido Pizarro, José Francisco Torres, Lucas Zelarayan, Javier Aquino, Rafael Sobis (Jorge Espericueta 63’) and Andre-Pierre Gignac.