Tigres draws at home to remain unbeaten

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Saturday, August 27, 2016.- Tonight’s match wasn’t easy for Tigres: Veracruz concentrated most of its players in the midfield, seeking a tie. This strategy made it difficult for Ricardo Ferretti’s teak to find the right key to open this lock.

The felines drew at home, bringing their point total to 13, and remain unbeaten in this tournament. They will be visiting the Morelia Monarcas in search of another victory, although the downside of this game was the unusual number of yellow cards accumulated by the ‘universitarios’ (as Tigres are known), five in all.


The starting lineup offered two modifications in the defensive zone, with Alberto Acosta and Jesús Dueñas replacing Jorge Torres Nilo and Israel Jiménez to cover the flanks, though no changes were made across the rest of the squad.

Veracruz built a wall in their territory, with five midfielders and four center-backs to contain the felines’ attacks. However, at times, Gabriel Peñalba joined in the attack with Julio Furch, who played farthest forward.

During the first few minutes, Tigres tried to play at the top, sending the center-backs forward, alternating between Hugo Ayala and Juninho.


Tigres was in control of the match right from the start, their back line played close to the midfield, endeavoring to create attacks in the center and on the sides, where Javier Aquino and Lucas Zelarayán were particularly active. In fact, just in the first 15 minutes, André-Pierre Gignac had already taken two shots at goal.

However, Veracruz’s barrier, made up of up to nine men in the defensive area, made it somewhat difficult for the felines to advance. They passed the ball, but without any real depth. The Tiburones put marking and destruction before creating play.

The first 45 minutes ended and the felines hadn’t been able to break through the wall. Veracruz were able to keep the attacks under control, leaving everything hanging on the second half.


The second half started with a substitution by Ricardo Ferretti, who took Zelarayán off and sent on Jürgen Damm, who immediately went to the right wing which was completely open at the tip, in order to create space on the pitch, since Ismael Sosa moved to the center to accompany Gignac and Aquino was left alone on the left.

Before long, Tigres scored a goal through Sosa, in a shot from outside the box. Afterwards, the universitarios continued to create even greater, more varied chances.

Tigres were unable to finish despite generating numerous goal opportunities, and after some difficult refereeing, with a spate of yellow cards, the equalizing goal was scored from a series of rebounds in the zone after a shot by Agustín Vuletich.

Ferretti decided to send Fernando Fernández onto the field to replace Sosa and try for the winning goal. But, although the team sent long, fast passes, the finishing touch failed and Tigres earned one point, bringing their total to 13.


#TigreDato This is the second consecutive draw between these two teams, with 0-0 in the previous tournament and then a goal each today.



1-0 (48’) Goal by Ismael Sosa in a shot from outside the box, after stumbling a bit and then getting up to take the shot and defeat Pedro Gallese with a low ball close to the right/hand post.


1-1 (70’) A pass in the box by the felines gave Agustín Vuletich the chance to take a shot through two players and Tigres’ goalkeeper.


Tigres: Nahuel Guzmán; Jesús Dueñas, Hugo Ayala, Juninho and Alberto Acosta; Guido Pizarro, José Torres (Israel Jiménez 68’), Javier Aquino and Lucas Zelarayán (Jürgen Dam 46’); Ismael Sosa (Fernando Fernández 82’) and André-Pierre Gignac

Veracruz: Pedro Gallese; Jesús Paganoni, Matías Cahais, Leobardo López and Luis Sánchez; Hugo Cid, Alan Zamora (Alejandro Acosta 55’), Daniel Villalva (Juan Albin 52’), Gabriel Peñalba (Agustín Vuletich 60’) and Adrián Luna; Julio Furch

Referee: Luis Enrique Santander Aguirre


Tigres: Javier Aquino (35’), Jesús Dueñas (45’), Guido Pizarro (69’), André-Pierre Gignac (72’), Hugo Ayala (79’)

Veracruz: Gabriel Peñalba (44’), Daniel Villalva (50’), Hugo Cid (80’), Adrián Luna (84’)