Tigres drives you to give 100 per cent.- Jürgen Damm

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Wednesday, September 7, 2016.- At Tigres, we are aware that a team like this will always aim to bring world-class players to the squad, so everyone has to give their all and compete fairly to gain a place on the starting team, assured Jürgen Damm, a midfielder with the ‘universitarios’, as the team is also known.

“(…) We have to be aware that a team like Tigres, the best squad in Mexico, will always be taking on major players and the current team members need to deal with the fact that there will always be important new players, so we have to give 100 per cent in order to be a starter. In my particular case, injury has affected my continuance as a regular, starting player, but these things happen.

“Any new competition is important, it’s always fair competition. We all want to fight for a starting position, so we have to try to do so in the training sessions as best we can and in the matches we do our best to prove to the ‘profe’ (their manager’s nickname) how eager we are to be in the eleven. He makes the decisions, he’s the manager and he’ll make the best possible decision for the team,” the footballer explained.

He points out Andy Delort’s qualities.

“He’s extremely mobile in the forward part of the team. He’s a player who, like Gignac, offers a fine long-range shot, and I think these qualities will be extremely helpful up front. He’s very eager to make a name for himself, to do things right, like André, and I think he has a lot to contribute to the squad. As his teammates, we’ll be giving him all our support, helping him to understand what the ‘profe’ and we are telling him, and hopefully he’ll settle in as soon as possible.”

They will try to remain at the top against Morelia.

“It’s going to be an important game. We know that Enrique Meza’s teams always play well and there’s also the matter of the points, since moving ahead of the second and third spots will, I think, be a must. Our objective is to stay at the top, win and earn three points, especially since we’ve got two or three intense matches ahead of us the three points will be vital to remain in the first places.”

He reiterates he’s worked with the two best managers in Mexico.

“I’m very grateful to have worked with the two best managers in the history of football and that’s very important for me. In the first stage of my career, when I was 19, I played with Pachuca, where the manager was Meza, an outstanding human being, a great person, both on and off the pitch. His support for me was amazing and he taught me so much about football. I think very highly of him (…).

“And now (I’m) with an excellent manager, ‘Tuca’ (Ferretti), with whom, across the year I’ve been here, I’ve learnt a lot. Obviously, I still have a great deal more to learn, but once the training session is over, he stays behind with me to work on my shooting, crossing, focusing on improving my weak spots. And that’s something I’m very grateful for, the trust these two managers have placed in me.”