Tigres falls at home, but is still in the playoff qualification zone.

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Saturday, October 15, 2016.- Things didn’t work out quite as Tigres had hoped. They pushed forward throughout most of the match against Necaxa, tried hard to score goals, but the visitor was more effective and in the end Tigres lost their second match in the 2016 Summer Tournament (Apertura) 0-2, although they are still in the playoff qualification zone.

The Rayos’ priority was first to protect their goal and second, if all went well, to aim for more, and the visitors made the most of the felines’ ineffectiveness in their penalty area.

The felines will have to wait for the rest of the Day 13 results to find out their final place, but right now they are still positioned to qualify.


Tigres used the same lineup as usual, but this time Guido Pizarro was back in the midfield after having being suspended for one match and was supported in the area by José ‘Gringo’ Torres.

The rest were the same men who had achieved the team’s 11-match unbeaten streak. Meanwhile, Necaxa established a clear 4-4-2 on the field, putting the pressure on from the midfield back, although at times they pushed forward up front.


The first 10 minutes of the match displayed intense marking, with neither team able to attack with any danger since they were disarmed in their respective goal areas. Necaxa’s approach was an orderly game, though not just to defend, trying to recover balls from their half and force the felines to make mistakes.

Minute 21 saw the felines’ first clear opportunity with a fast overlapping run between Dueñas and Aquino, in which the latter crossed the ball inside the area looking for Gignac, but the defense snatched the ball from the French player.

The game was very tight and the local team didn’t begin to take possession of the ball until 35’. Just five minutes later a free kick by Zelarayán, feinted by Gignac, forced Barovero, the Rayos’ goalkeeper, to punch the ball out, hitting Sosa in the face. As a result, Sosa was unable to control his shot, which skimmed over the goal.

The first half ended when the felines appeared to have found the formula for pressuring the Rayos. In fact, Zelarayán’s mid-range attempt at goal was saved by Barovero, resulting in a corner.


Tigres started the second half with the same eleven men as in the first half, which had ended with them putting the pressure on Necaxa in the last 15 minutes.  After just three minutes, Aquino almost scored the first goal of the match in a fine play that ended in a corner being awarded after a magnificent save by the visiting goalkeeper.

The universitarios were in full control of the action, circulating the ball netter. Then, just at their best moment, Nahuel Guzmán made a mistake allowing a rebound that led to a goal by Necaxa.

At the 62-minute mark, ‘Tuca’ Ferretti made his first substitution, sending Jürgen Damm onto the pitch as a right winger, placing Gignac and Sosa up front, and sending Aquino to the left wing. He was forced to make another change when Juninho was injured and replaced by José Rivas.

Tigres kept pressing forward, though at times they seemed to be trying too hard to score. At 76’, Gignac took a shot from an assist, but it went wide of the net.

The felines couldn’t find the goal and, at 82’, while they were still pressing forward, Espíndola scored the Rayos’ second goal, leading Ferretti to make his third substitution in an attempt to find greater depth by taking Dueñas off and sending Delort on.


#TigreDato  This was Tigres’ second defeat in the tournament and the first at home.





0-1 (57’) Goal by Edson Puch from a ball that rebounded off Nahuel Guzmán for the Chilean to send over the goalkeeper into the back of the net.

0-2 (82’) Goal by Édgar Espíndola from a free kick taken from outside the box that went past Nahuel’s far post.


Tigres: Nahuel Guzmán; Jesús Dueñas (Andy Delort 85’), Hugo Ayala, Juninho (José Rivas 64’) and Jorge Torres Nilo; Guido Pizarro, José Torres (Jürgen Damm 62’) and Lucas Zelarayán; Ismael Sosa, Javier Aquino and André-Pierre Gignac

Necaxa: Marcelo Barovero; Brayan Becheles, Mario de Luna, Marcos González and Jairo González; Jesús Isijara, Xavier Báez (Michel García 81’), Manuel Iturra and Luis Gallegos; Édgar Espíndola and Edson Puch (Fernando Meza 88’)

Referee: Erick Yaír Miranda Galindo


Tigres: Jorge Torres Nilo (67’), Ismael Sosa (71’)

Necaxa: Jairo González (18’), Brayan Beckeles (64’), Xavier Báez (79’)