Tigres for a Better Future makes 530 dreams come true

The benefactors Rob and Patricia Scnheider, the first team and Tigres’ manager attended the ceremony in which Tigres re-endorsed 300 scholarships and awarded another 100 maintenance grants, 100 scholarships to study English and, in addition, 20 homes designated for renovation.

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA/ May 2, 2016.- In its two years of existence, the Tigres for a Better Future Foundation, which is devoted to creating opportunities for improved education and quality of life, has successfully supported the dreams of hundreds of students, benefitting, in this way, not only UANL students, but also their families and the community.

During the second activity period, the Foundation has re-endorsed the first 300 scholarships granted in 2015, with which university students who are academically outstanding, but face financial challenges, will be able to complete their studies with assistance for books, transportation and meals.

The Foundation, created in February 2014, works in conjunction with  the UANL Foundation in order to guarantee that the students who so require and who meet the academic performance conditions, will have the opportunity to make their dream come true of becoming professionals with the capacity to transform their own future as well as that of many others.

This year, apart from an additional 100 maintenance grants, the Foundation has been able to award a hundred scholarships for studying the English language online.

Furthermore, the spaces where ten students live have been remodeled and improved and, by yearend, another ten houses will be added to this achievement, to reach a total number of homes that offer better work and living environments to 30.

With this undertaking, not only the university students, but also their families will benefit from the efforts of the Tigres for a Better Future Foundation and its allies, including the fans who have participated by means of diverse strategies, such collection tins, the Tigre World Children’s Show, and online auctions of players’ items, among others.

“This involves a major effort by our sponsors and on our part in order to raise the funds needed to support so many deserving students and it gives us great pride to use Tigres’ image to fulfill our goal. Our aim is not personal gain for the club or the players, but simply to be able to contribute, to be a part of this support that will give so many young people the opportunity to complete their studies,” explained Alejandro Rodríguez , president of Club Tigres.

“I think that football is entertainment, fun, passion, its followers, but we have always held the belief that this must be translated into a social impact, since in this city football is a social phenomenon and we must be able to leverage this.”

The Technical Secretary of UANL, Carmen de la Fuente García, representing the University President, Rogelio Garza Rivera; the director of the UANL Foundation, Raúl Rangel; and Tigres’ manager, Ricardo Ferretti, accompanied Tigres at this event and as members of the presidium.

The actor and guest speaker, Rob Schneider, apart from being a well-known fan of the gold-and-blue team, has become a benefactor of the Foundation together with his wife, Patricia.

“I am very impressed with the Foundation. When Alejandro invited me and told me about the Foundation, he also broke my heart when I found out about so many talented, highly intelligent people who would like to have the opportunity to achieve a better life,” Schneider said into the microphone.

As part of the alliance with Tigres to make 530 dreams come true, the authorities were also joined by Juan Romero Torres, President of Cemex Mexico; Mauricio Doehner Cobián, Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Enterprise Risk Management at Cemex; Dolf Van Den Brink, CEO of Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Heineken Mexico.

In addition, Ricardo Saldívar Escajadillo, CEO of  The Home Depot; Gabriela Rojas Jiménez, Director of the Bécalos Scholarship Program of the Televisa Foundation;  Alejandro González Quiroga, CEO of  Mexico Beverages, Arca Continental; and the Foundation’s new allies, Mauricio Coronado Quintanilla, CEO of Coflex, and  José Fernando Calderón González, COO of AlEn Industrial, were also present.

The eighth semester Social Work and Human Development student, Brian Isaí Saucedo Martínez, delivered a message on behalf of all his fellow students who have benefitted from a scholarship by the Tigres for a Better Future Foundation.

“When I was growing up, I sometimes heard rather unfavorable comments about my future, which at times made me feel angry and sad, but also drove me to show everyone that I could do more. I was helped by my teachers who encouraged me with their word and example to keep trying; they guided me and pushed me to enroll in high school and subsequently apply to the University, because they believed in me and in my capability, ” the young 20 year old stated.

“Today, thanks to you (presidium), the UANL Foundation and the Tigres for a Better Future Foundation, I am going to be able to complete my degree more easily and, when I graduate, I am going to contribute to society as well and become a teacher in order to support young people just as I was supported.”

The Tigres for a Better Future Scholarship provides students with support throughout their undergraduate and high school studies, while the remodeled houses will be a permanent mainstay for students’ quality of life.

Today, 530 dreams have come true, 530 goals have been fulfilled, but the aim of Tigres for a Better Future is to reach hundreds of students and for more companies to join our allies in order to consolidate the transformation and development that will assure a better future for everyone.

What is Tigres for a Better Future?

It is the Club Tigres Foundation, which, based on the institution’s social commitment and the far-reaching power of football as a tool for promoting peace, inclusion and social transformation, seeks to support and drive education and the quality of life of the community.  Tigres for a Better Future is assisted by the UANL Foundation in identifying and channeling the support to High School and University students who would benefit from this aid.

How can we join?

·        By becoming a participating enterprise

·        By promoting this initiative among family and friends

·        By purchasing the Tigres for a Better Future merchandise online

·        By participating in the Facebook auctions of players’ exclusive items

·        With monthly donations debited to your credit card

·        By depositing in the account 7007449666 of Tigres por un Mejor Futuro AC in Banamex, branch 7007

If you need a scholarship, please contact the UANL Foundation directly at the phone numbers 1340-4400 and 8329-4000, extensions 7937 (Mederos) and 5137 (Head Office).