Tigres has already won the respect of Mexican football.- Nahuel

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Thursday, July 20, 2016.-Tigres is a club that has been revaluated in every sense and, today, in Mexican football it is respected for its constant presence in finals and the titles it has achieved, stated the goalkeeper, Nahuel Guzmán.

The goalie is also aware that this respect will only be maintained if positive results are obtained match after match.

“Recently, we have been a rival to beat. Many teams, and luckily this has been reflected in the games, have changed their style or form (of play) whenever they face us, (…) and in some way this translates into respect.

“Being a rival to beat is something you have to earn; being a top team that wants to fight for important things has to be earned match by match, getting the results and proving on the field that the Tigres players measure up; and the team wants to be the protagonist and is capable of meeting expectations, of being a rival to beat,” expressed the Argentinian.

‘Patón’ knows that the team’s success this season depends largely on his and his teammates’ performance on the field, although he clarified that the squad that was formed for this tournament has a wealth of options, as well the first-rate players that have recently joined the team, making it even stronger.

“Let’s hope we’ll find an identity, let’s hope we can be a team on the pitch, without depending on individualities. However, we had a good team and the new players have come to reinforce it, so it will be best to carry on along this path. The new players have to adapt and be committed to collaborating, contributing so that this Tigres can carry on being a great team.

“Each player who arrives at the club knows what to expect, and anyone who isn’t fully aware will gradually find out that nowadays Tigres is a major club, an influential club, which has reached the top on the basis of achievements, results or by fighting for titles.  I think that each new player knows what sort of club he is joining or is joining Tigres because he is equal to the task,” the goalkeeper said.

Guzmán also recalled that almost two years have gone by since he joined the felines, which is something that makes him very happy. He is satisfied with his achievements and has also adapted well to the city and the environment, and is quite sure about what has left a lasting mark during this time.

“Time will go by, players will come and go, and you know that you had the opportunity to participate in the star embroidered on the crest and that’s what leaves a lasting mark. And, obviously, the way in which we achieved that moment, playing what we love best and making a good impression,” he stated.