Tigres has learnt from last season’s mistakes.- Nahuel

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Thursday, September 22, 2016.- In the 2016 Summer Tournament (Apertura), Tigres has improved in every sense. Positive results have accompanied the team since Day 1 to date, and, for the felines’ goalkeeper, Nahuel Guzmán, they had to amend several factors, such as better ball circulation and a broader range of attacking possibilities.

“The key (for having a good tournament) could range from collective play, we’ve understood a few details and corrected what we were lacking in the last tournament regarding simple play, to circulating the ball quickly, finding mobility from the midfield forward, assuring the unpredictability of attacking movements, finding more variation from the midfield up, finding goals from the forwards.

“I think our collective play has improved and the team is getting to know each other better as time goes by, how to complement each other. We’ve been able at times to clear lines with Huguito Ayala, which I think is important when the opponent is too structured or prevents Guido from advancing, and Junior and Hugo have found the way, for moments, to break through that pressure line, so I think we are complementing and gradually being driven to try a few new things too,” said ‘Patón’.

Patience and time management have also been important.

“I think that (being patient) is fundamental, especially at home, because people put the pressure on, get anxious, want to win and sometimes it not at whatever cost. At times there are forms, ways of trying to win a match. You have to know your opponent. Some people propose a bit more, others propose more defensive, counterattacking plays, so I think time management is important.”

Tigres is a team that has grown.

“I don’t know if there’s a more solid project(Tigres’) in place. I think that analyzing things more deeply, we are a team, an institution that over the past few years has won respect based on results, and very often it’s important to hold onto a football game idea, a measure that very often depends on results, how you’re doing on the pitch. It’s important for institutions, and I don’t just mean Tigres or any of the Mexican teams, but internationally, that often set their sights on a process, to be patient regarding results when things aren’t going well. It’s understandable that everyone what’s to be a champion and everyone want to win at the weekend, but it’s just not possible.

“But here at Tigres, since ‘Tuca’ returned in this last phase, the team has grown enormously. In 2010, he found Tigres in danger of relegation and gradually the team has been growing, taking it step by step and nowadays the institution is making an enormous effort to make this Tigres a competitive side and, of course, we have to try to reflect this on the pitch.”

They want to move closer to qualifying against Cruz Azul.

“The goal is to try to maintain what we’ve been doing regarding results, what we achieved in part of the second half against Chivas, and obviously try to add on three points to get a bit closer to our first objective, which is to qualify, and then assure the best ranking possible. However, we are aware that they’re a difficult opponent, even though they haven’t seen the results they’d like, Chivas is a well-respected, high-ranking rival and we’ll do our best to prepare for this team aiming to be the protagonists and control the match.”