Tigres has to keep on working in the same way throughout the tournament.- ‘Tuca’

ZUAZUA | Monday, August 22, 2016.- Ricardo Ferretti doesn’t sit back to contemplate the results achieved so far, nor does he get carried away by all the celebrations going on outside the team. On the contrary, he believes that these accomplishments are the team’s obligation and they must maintain this line until the end of the tournament with even greater effort and dedication.

“This team has to keep on working. There’s nothing else we have to prove. I think we have to maintain our level of commitment. We have amazing directors, a fantastic fan base, a great squad and we are under an obligation to carry on working and achieve positive results. That’s everyone’s objective,” ‘Tuca’ explained at the Cueva de Zuazua.

Humility is a requirement to stay on the path to victory

“In order to continue (at this pace), we have to keep on working, be humble and understand that each match is different. How did I feel about two triumphs (in the League and CONCACAF)? Happy. And, what have I learnt from them? That we have to carry on working even harder to achieve our two key goals.”

There has been an improvement compared to other tournaments.

“Hopefully. Right now the team, compared to the same time in the last tournaments when we were not doing so well regarding the football aspect or (number of) points, today we are in a better position. But that doesn’t mean it’s enough. We must conscientiously carry on doing what we’ve been doing so far and expand our objectives.”

Having a pre-season is one of the key factors.

“I fully trust Memo (Orta), who is the team’s physical trainer. I’ve been working with him for 24 years, so I total confidence in him and I know he’ll always ensure that the players are in tiptop shape. There’s the normal physical wear and tear just like in other tournaments. They affected us somewhat but I think we’re OK right now. There are always knocks, contusions, injuries, but we have the support of the medical department to get them back on their feet as soon as possible.”

Being at the top of the table isn’t a goal per se.

“Our directors have always asked us to classify in the best possible position, but being Super Leaders isn’t an obligation. Our duty is to endeavor to win each match and earn three points, and we know that if we do that, (…) and in the end the total of 17 points takes you to the top spot, well, then that would be tremendous.”

The understanding between Sosa and Gignac is backed by the whole team.

“In this match (against Pachuca), we saw the connection between them (Gignac and Sosa), but all the other players are equally important. For these two players to have the chance to implement the plays they did, it’s not just a matter between the two of them, even though their capacity is undeniable, but there are other players who assure that the ball reaches them in the simplest way possible, so that they can produce, and I hope everyone will continue to consolidate this conjunction, because that’s the aim of all this training.”