Tigres has used its time well this week.- Zelarayán

ZUAZUA | Wednesday, December 14, 2016.- The pause Tigres has enjoyed before playing the Final of the 2016 Summer Tournament (Apertura) has been very beneficial for the team, because it’s given them a chance to regain their strength, concentrate on their work and correct any opportunities for improvement, assured Lucas Zelarayán, a midfielder with the felines.

“We’ve taken advantage of this time to clear our heads from so many matches, one after the other, and we recently played a friendly against Veracruz, which was pretty intense, more like a formal match. So, I think that training full on every day has helped us a lot, focusing on the upcoming Final, something we’ve been waiting for the entire season,” explained ‘Chino’ in the Zuazua, Nuevo León facilities.

The team’s training sessions have changed before the Final.

“Obviously, when we were participating in the Playoffs and playing three or four days, the training sessions were different. But now, we’re working as if it were a normal week. We had a friendly with Veracruz and we’re working as usual for a match. This week, we’re concentrating on the physical and mental sides, as well as on tactics. We’re so looking forward to the Final which, as I recently said, we’ve been aiming for since the first match and today we are just two steps away from the championship.”

The team has remained focused.

“Since it’s a Final, we’re still focused and committed to the match. Every day, we’re looking forward to both the first and second legs, so I don’t think this break has affected us much. On the contrary, we’re all concentrated on América and the matches ahead of us.”

The time difference and the trip might affect América.

“Jetlag might have an effect or if they carry on playing more games, but I think they know that they’re playing a Final, that their effort over the past six months is the same as ours and even if they’re participating in another tournament, I doubt they’ll miss the opportunity to give their all in the Mexican League Final.”