Tigres hopes the League will postpone their debut in the 2017 Clausura

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Wednesday, December 14, 2016.- Tigres is relying on the good will of Liga MX to postpone the Day 1 match of the 2017 Winter Tournament (Clausura) 2017, commented Alejandro Rodríguez, president of the Club, since the universitarios will finish the current season on December 25 and the start of the next tournament comes practically straight after.

“We follow the rules, but we hope that they will be sensible and considerate, understanding what it means to finish a tournament on December 25, have a week’s vacation, come back to work on January 2 and then have to play on the 7th, which, according to the calendar, is the start of the season. We’re relying on the good will of everyone involved and the intervention of the Liga MX to change this fixture.

“The request has been presented to the League and, of course, I’m aware that they’ve moved América’s first match to February,” said Mr. Rodríguez.

The decision to change the fixture is the League’s alone; it’s unilateral.

“So far in advance, it’s the League’s decision, based on its good will not to harm the teams that are participating in international tournaments and that’s the spirit. We hope that if the change has been granted for América, it will also come about for Santos, because fifteen days beforehand makes it a unilateral decision.”