Tigres is a highly demanding club.- Lucas Zelarayán

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Wednesday, October 5, 2016.- Tigres is a highly demanding team that doesn’t tolerate an attitude of overconfidence for even an instant, assured Lucas Zelarayán, an Argentine midfielder, who stressed that this is why they have to give their all in every training session in order to earn a place in the starting eleven.

“I am actually feeling OK, better all the time. When you have accumulated minutes and confidence, you can let go. I think I have adapted to the team’s way of playing, the idea of play it has and I’m not sure what I need or don’t need to do (personally). I think that at Tigres there aren’t any players whose position is guaranteed, just the manager’s decisions, but I do think it’s a highly demanding club, a squad that forces you to prove yourself every day and not be overconfident and think ‘My position as a starter is guaranteed’. This is every single day and I try to improve match after match, training session after training session, and gradually gain the manager’s, my teammates’ and the fans’ trust,” claimed ‘Chino’.

They openly support Nahuel Guzmán.

“Nahuel has been crucial at Tigres throughout the past few years, especially in the championship they won and it’s always a relief to be able to count on him, particularly for the defense. Obviously, everyone makes mistakes, every single player on the field does, though he and all the defenders are more exposed. But, it doesn’t matter, we know who Nahuel is. He’s extremely important for us and we don’t attach much importance to whatever people say or whoever says it.”

He works hard to realize his dream of being called up to the Argentina National Team.

“I think it’s fantastic that there are people who want me (for the Argentina team), but, of course, I always work hard to be on that squad. I’m a younger player who still has a lot to learn, but it’s always gratifying when they look to Tigres for players.

“I think that Tigres must be doing well to have players at national-team level, which is how things are right now. Hopefully, I’ll soon be one of them. Of course, you have to work hard and it’s every player’s most longed-for dream, so I’ll keep on working for this.”

Assimilating Tigres’ style of play was the most difficult aspect.

“I’ve come from a club (Belgrano) where their idea of play was perhaps somewhat different. There, I always looked at the pitch from the other side, playing another way. Here, Tigres is a team that always goes out to win, with a great deal of possession, with opponents who close ranks at the back and you need to think quickly. Where I came from, it was quite the opposite, which was hard to deal with at first; when you wanted to do something productive, you ended up losing the ball. Luckily, I’ve improved a lot in that, and that’s what I found most difficult. I’ve now adapted to the squad’s and the coaching staff’s way of thinking.”