Tigres is a world-class team.- Damián Álvarez

ZUAZUA Tuesday, September 13, 2016.- Nowadays, Tigres is a world-class team that has demonstrated sufficient quality in the past few tournaments to earn a place within Mexican football, assured Damián Álvarez, a feline midfielder, who added that he feels part of one of the most comprehensive teams of today.

“Nowadays, Tigres is a world-class team, whether it’s among the great or the small teams or whichever. Tigres is now a team with the class to compete on diverse levels. I don’t want to remember everything that’s happened, but the team is here and it would be good to consolidate this, the championships and that increases your renown. I feel that the team is at the stage where it belongs, given what it represents, and we don’t want to miss anything because we’re always working hard and we know where we are,” expressed ‘Enano’.

It’s a very demanding squad

“We have a great squad, a powerful squad, because, even as time goes by, the foundation remains the same. Therefore, it’s logical to say that teams have to become stronger, so let’s hope a pattern has been set and the team will climb to ever greater heights.

“It’s demanding because the team is becoming increasingly competitive, with more players, good players, and that means we have to maintain our level and demand to be in the top spots. It’s no secret, (…) and I don’t want to start with comparisons (with previous Tigres squads) but I truly feel that I’m in one of the best teams in the League.”

Tigres is maintaing a solid pace in the League.

“The team is looking good, solid, knows what it’s doing. Regardless of the teams we’ve faced, we’ve achieved better results in some matches than in others, we’re continuously refining our performance as needed,which requires hard work, trust and the same positive results. And we want to keep it this way, knowing that day by day and match after match we have to carry on overcoming obstacles and everything we can to take the team to the highest level.”

Tigres doesn’t feel under pressure with all the positive talk.

No (we’re not under pressure); we know there’s a lot of talk because of what the team represents, of what Tigres has become over the year. We do feel that we have to demand more of ourselves because more and more top players are joining us, so the challenge is greater for all of us, but we have to think about the team and that won’t change. We’re the first to force ourselves to go the extra mile. Everyone thinks different things, but we always follow the sameline, the same style and there’s no need to change that.”

Seeing Tigres’ fans at the away games is becoming increasingly common.

“Yes, there are more, not just in Monterrey, but I think all over the country there are people who identify with Tigres. It’s a whole process, something that’s built over many years, and this means that, above all, the team, the institution, is on the right path. Sports-wise, I think we’ve progressed a lot in the past few years, which is how it should be and should continue to be. Tigres isn’t the same as before, it’s not a minor team. Tigres is something else.”