Tigres is already working on presenting a better team

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Tuesday, May 17, 2016.- Tigres is upset about not reaching the goal they had set at the beginning of the 2016 Winter Tournament (Clausura).  The objective was to be two-time champions and, in this way, give their fans something else to celebrate. However, the team cannot be unhappy forever, so the President of the Institution, Alejandro Rodríguez Miechielsen, confirmed that they are already working toward forming an even better squad for the next tournament.

“I am very proud of the players, the coaches and everyone who represents Tigres in this tournament. I believe that everybody did their very best. Those of us who are on the inside know the difficulties of each specific, special situation that was the cause of our inability to defend our championship and become two-time champions.

“We didn’t fulfill our goal, we didn’t reach our objective, our aim was to be two-time champions and that’s why the players were in the locker room venting their anger and disappointment at not achieving the two-time championship. This is something that is imperative for the Tigres team, to always reach for the stars and to keep growing constantly. Tigres is a staircase which we are climbing step by step and you expect a better team than the one we have just seen,” said the director.

Rodríguez Miechielsen commented that the team’s next actions will be to work toward the transfer process to be held on June 8, and define the pre-season plans once the lists of all the teams that are considering feline players have been defined, for whom a customized plan will be developed so they can arrive with the same rhythm.

The director completely ruled out the pre-season in South America, which had at first been offered, since some interest was shown in going to Colombia or Argentina, and explained that the dates didn’t fit in with the team’s work plans.

However, he was grateful that the eyes of the world had turned toward Tigres as a result of their participation in diverse tournaments and engagement of players with an international reputation, which places them on a completely different level.

He also wanted to show his appreciation for the support of the felines’ fans throughout the League tournament and accepted that the ‘Incomparables’ (the Incomparable Ones) deserved a better prize.

“Our acknowledgement, appreciation and a huge round of applause for each and every Tigres fan, for those who understand, those who sort of understand and those who don’t understand, but in the end they all hold the team close to their hearts and that’s what makes possible, gives life to and is the raison d’être of our work and all our efforts. It’s not just words, but something we truly and deeply feel and they deserve more than we gave them this time and we are going all out for a new tournament, for new achievements,”  he declared.