Tigres is back in the classification zone with a quintet of goals

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Saturday, April 16, 2016.- Winning was now or never for Tigres. They couldn’t even afford another draw in this tournament, even less at home, so they decided to play for their lives and delight their fans at the Universitario Stadium with a concert of football that ended 5-2 against Dorados, in which the baton was firmly in the hands of André-Pierre Gignac and Jürgen Damm, who scored a brace of goals each.

This result puts Tigres back in the classification zone, with just three fixtures to go in the 2016 Winter Tournament (Clausura), and consolidated Gignac as the top scorer with a total of 11 goals, two more than his closest rival.

Just as was promised this week, the match started with a display of energy. Only one minute had gone by when, in Tigres’ first attack and an escape by Javier Aquino, who crossed the ball to the center of the area, setting up an opportunity for Jesús Dueñas, who sent the ball to the left post and Rafael Sobis just nudged it in for 1-0.

However, astonishingly, in the very next play, Dorados drew with a ball lost in the midfield by Javier Aquino, allowing Wilson Morelo to shoot from outside the area and send the ball over Nahuel Guzmán, bringing the score to 1-1.

The intensity never let up from that moment on, despite the 32 degrees centigrade beating down on the pitch at the Universitario. At the four-minute mark, a free kick by Juninho was controlled perfectly by the Sinaloa team’s goalkeeper, Luis Michel. However, just four minutes later, the ball was crossed to Sobis, who, blocked by the goalie, passed it back to André-Pierre Gignac, who headed it in to reach 2-1.

Aquino came back with another attempt at 8’, breaking away down the left, successfully shaking off his mark and entering the area. His cross to the post on the other side Michel, the goalkeeper, was punched out, thus ending the danger.

The felines’ number 20 had yet another opportunity to increase Tigres’ advantage and score his first goal of the match with a header that was deflected by the defense for a corner.

At minute 25, Nahuel Guzmán heroically made a spectacular save with the tip of his left foot in a breakaway by Milton Caraglio, then a mistake in the recovery by Guido Pizarro with a poor backwards pass.

Five minutes later, the referee, Fernando Hernández, decided to send Severo Meza off for bringing Javier Aquino down, leaving Dorados with ten men on the pitch with 60 minutes of play still left to go.

After this red card, if Tigres had already owned the game, they now began to display their full force. In fact, at 37’, Dueñas attempted a shot from outside the area that Michel deflected for a corner. Then, just a minute later, it was Gignac’s turn, though his ball went wide.

At minute 43, in a brilliant play by vino Tigres, which was woven by both Sobis and Israel Jiménez, with a back-heel that allowed the latter player to reach the baseline and cross the ball, as though by hand, to Jürgen Damm, who just had to nudge it into the back of the net, bringing the score to 3-1, which is how the fast half ended.

The second half started with the same men and Tigres following the same script, playing offensively, and at 47’ Gignac, yet again, scored the 4-1 with a ball crossed by Sobis so well that the Frenchman just had to push the ball in, achieving his second goal of the match and eleventh so far in the 2016 Winter Tournament (Clausura).

Under the battering by the feline whirlwind, Dorados seemed to be giving up, and, at minute 52, Damm connected a center from Jiménez, and kicked the ball into the net, bringing the score to 5-1 which was loudly celebrated across the stadium.

Ricardo Ferretti decided to move his players at 57’, when the team from Sinaloa could no longer penetrate the feline’s territory, taking off Israel Jiménez, who had played a great match with two assists, and replacing him with Lucas Zelarayán who was sent to the midfield and Dueñas shifted to right-hand side.

Three minutes later, another backwards cross by Damm from the right reached Gignac’s right leg, and the Frenchman volleyed the ball, crashing it into Michel’s crossbar.

Dorados weakly attempted to advance in order to gain an opportunity to reach the feline’s goal-line and, at 67’, managed to score with a free kick taken by Jairo González that no one was able to stop before it went into the back of the net, surprising Nahuel for the 5-2.

Tigres were in sync on Day 14 and managed to both delight and win, displaying their superiority on the field throughout the match, leaving the Dorados, who only tried hard in the first few minutes, high and dry and condemning them return to the Second Division.

The felines will now be preparing for the midweek match against América in the first leg of the Concacaf Champions League Final, pursuing their first championship in 2016, which would take them to Japan to compete in the Club World Cup.


Tigres: Nahuel Guzmán; Israel Jiménez (Lucas Zelarayán 57’), Hugo Ayala, Juninho and José Rivas; Guido Pizarro, Jesús Dueñas, Jürgen Damm and Javier Aquino (Damián Álvarez 73’); Rafael Sobis and André-Pierre Gignac (Héctor Mancilla 78’)

Dorados: Luis Michel; Jesús García (Jairo González 46’), Severo Meza, Néstor Vidrio and Daniel Arreola; Javier Salas, Jesús Angulo (Jonathan Lacerda 35’), Fernando Arce and Yimmi Chará; Wilson Morelo and Milton Caraglio (Carlos Pinto 56’)

Referee: Fernando Hernández Gómez