Tigres is coming to the 107th Derby ready to deliver the first surprise in the Playoffs

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Tuesday, May 10, 2016.- Once more Tigres and Rayados will be facing each other in the Playoffs; the protagonists of the Monterrey Derby will be competing for a place in the Semifinal of the 2016 Winter Tournament (Clausura) in the 107th edition of this event.  In this way, the felines are setting out on the path to becoming Two-time Champions, a feat achieved by only two teams in the short tournaments.

Tigres is the current Champion of Mexican football and earned a spot in the Playoffs on the very last day, in eighth place, but filled with hope and enthusiasm to continue to make history.

Only Pumas and León have managed to become Two-time Champions in Mexican football’s short tournaments, which isn’t an easy accomplishment, especially when a team is participating in two or more competitions. Just a few days ago, the felines were playing for the Concacaf Champions League title and five months ago for the Mexican League title.

The team led by Ricardo Ferretti will be competing in the 107th Derby against Rayados, playing the first leg at home, at a jam-packed Universitario Stadium this Wednesday, and in what will also be the first match of the Quarter Finals.

The balance of the Monterrey Derbies still favors Tigres by one match. Of the 106 derbies played so far, the felines have won 37 compared to their regional rival’s 36, together with 32 draws. And they hope to increase this record in this two-game series.

In the 106th edition, which took place on March 5 this year, Tigres lost 1-0 at the BBVA Bancomer Stadium in a match in which the visitors deserved much more, but this was not reflected in the outcome.  However, up until that game, the felines had enjoyed six consecutive matches without losing, with three victories and three draws.

On Wednesday, the Frenchman André-Pierre Gignac will also be playing as the new top-scorer title holder with 13 goals, and will do so at home where he scored a goal against Rayados in the 105th Derby, when they won 3-1.

In order to advance to the Semifinals, Tigres has to surpass the Guadalupe team’s aggregate score. If the matches are a draw, they need to have scored more goals as the visiting team, otherwise they will face the third tiebreaking criterion, which is the position on the general table, and in that case the rival would be in a better situation.

Today is the day on which history will be written. Tigres will be moving steadfastly toward a special place in the history of Mexican football, to becoming Two-time Champions and seeking their sixth final in just two and a half years.


Tigres106373236145139+ 6
Monterrey106363237139145– 6

* The 28th Derby was suspended at minute 7 owing to a fight on the pitch


1Tigres 3-3 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague13 July 1974
2Monterrey 2-1 TigresUniversitarioLeague4 January 1975
3Tigres 0-4 MonterreyUniversitarioFriendly23 August 1975
4Monterrey 0-0 TigresUniversitarioLeague31 January 1976
5Tigres 0-1 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague12 June 1976
6Tigres 1-2 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague25 September 1976
7Monterrey 3-2 TigresUniversitarioLeague5 February 1977
8Tigres 1-0 MonterreyTecnológicoLeague13 August 1977
9Monterrey 2-4 TigresUniversitarioLeague14 January 1978
10Monterrey 0-0 TigresUniversitarioLeague23 September 1978
11Tigres 1-1 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague3 February 1979
12Monterrey 0-1 TigresUniversitarioPlayoffs6 June 1979
13Tigres 1-1 MonterreyUniversitarioPlayoffs16 June 1979
14Monterrey 1-1 TigresUniversitarioLeague6 October 1979
15Tigres 2-1 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague16 February 1980
16Monterrey 2-2 TigresTecnológicoLeague4 October 1980
17Tigres 3-2 MonterreyUniversitarioFriendly6 November 1980
18Tigres 2-0 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague21 March 1981
19Tigres 3-0 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague3 October 1981
20Monterrey 1-1 TigresTecnológicoLeague6 February 1982
21Monterrey 1-1 TigresTecnológicoLeague18 September 1982
22Tigres 2-0 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague22 January 1983
23Tigres 0-2 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague17 September 1983
24Monterrey 0-1 TigresTecnológicoLeague28 January 1984
25Tigres 1-2 MonterreyUniversitarioFriendly11 August 1984
26Tigres 2-2 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague17 November 1984
27Monterrey 2-0 TigresTecnológicoLeague30 March 1985
28Tigres – Monterrey*UniversitarioFriendly1 May 1985
29Tigres 1-2 MonterreyUniversitarioFriendly28 September 1985
30Tigres 1-1 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague25 October 1986
31Monterrey 0-2 TigresTecnológicoLeague21 March 1987
32Tigres 2-1 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague12 December 1987
33Monterrey 2-1 TigresTecnológicoLeague7 May 1988
34Tigres 1-3 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague14 January 1989
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41Tigres 1-1 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague4 April 1992
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43Tigres 1-2 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague7 November 1992
44Monterrey 1-0 TigresTecnológicoLeague20 March 1993
45Monterrey 3-3 TigresTecnológicoFriendly7 August 1993
46Monterrey 1-0 TigresTecnológicoLeague6 November 1993
47Tigres 2-4 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague5 March 1994
48Monterrey 1-0 TigresTecnológicoLeague30 November 1994
49Tigres 1-2 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague5 April 1995
50Monterrey 2-1 TigresTecnológicoLeague2 December 1995
51Tigres 1-2 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague24 March 1996
52Tigres 2-2 MonterreyUniversitarioCopa27 July 1996
53Tigres 0-4 MonterreyUniversitarioFriendly19 July 1997
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55Tigres 1-0 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague27 February 1998
56Monterrey 1-1 TigresTecnológicoLeague12 September 1998
57Tigres 3-2 MonterreyUniversitarioFriendly19 December 1998
58Tigres 2-0 MonterreyUniversitarioLeague