Tigres is focused on the Final

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, April 24.- Even though there’s still a bit of a sore spot from Saturday’s defeat, manager Ricardo Ferretti clarified that the team is fully focused on the Concacaf Champions League Final.
“There’s still a bit of a sore spot, but I think they’re looking fine. We trained today and, as I’ve always said before, it’s a very mature professional team and when things have been achieved, we always think about improving and when things don’t go well, we take the responsibility for it.
“When we’ve won Derbies, the day after we were already thinking about the next match. It’s only when it’s the last match that we give ourselves the luxury of suffering or celebrating.”

Assuming things…
“Why do you want to make such a big deal of things, make such a storm in a teacup, see things so negatively; you have to experience things and assume responsibility. You (the media) want to lick your lips, but hang on. It’s always the same, whether things go well or not, that’s how you are.”
“We know that if we qualify, if we’re champions, you’ll be talking about things that don’t exist and if things don’t turn out, you talk about even more drastic things. I have my directors and I’m accountable to them and only them for my work They make their decisions and, luckily, we make well-founded decisions, we make very precise decisions.”

Will Guido Pizarro be playing?
“It’s very hard to think about whether Guido will be playing on Wednesday. He’s recovering from an injury, he’s going to rehabilitation as you mentioned. Wednesday’s match is at nine at night, so we have Monday to Tuesday, Tuesday to Wednesday, two and a half days more or less, and we’ll see how he does. He’s been working separately and is improving, but we’re not talking about a cold.
“I need to wait until tomorrow and part of Wednesday before making a joint decision with the player.”

Accepting criticism for the past 51 years
“Everyone who criticizes me gets up on a really great podium, what manager can give you more rating, fame than me criticizing.
“In 26 years (as a manager, plus 25 as a player) you’ve seen many people criticize me and it’s a shame that they often have to wait so long, maybe they’d like it to be more often, I really don’t care, that’s what they’re there for.”

About the possibility of Mexican referees in the Final…
“I don’t think so… It’s hard to believe whether that will be confirmed. Actually, it’s not right, because in one match, in our home game you send a team of foreign referees and now a team of Mexican referees. I know I won’t get an explanation, but I do wonder why…
“Can anyone explain it to me? Nobody can”.