Tigres is gaining confidence and stability.- Torres Nilo

ZUAZUA | Wednesday, March 15, 2017.- The team is gradually gaining confidence, the good results talk of an upwardly mobile Tigres, and this weekend, against Cruz Azul, they should confirm this, said Jorge Torres Nilo, a defender with the universitarios, who also made it quite clear that there is still a lot of room for improvement in their performance.

“We’ve felt much better in the last few fixtures, we know that if we carry on along this track, performing like this, the team will continue to produce results, and if there’s a setback in the results, well, the team continues to play like that. I’m sure the team will improve enormously; our confidence won’t diminish despite the results. Then our performance is getting better, we’re improving, but we still haven’t quite reached the level we all want,” commented ‘Pechu’.

There’s confidence and stability in the squad.

“(It gave us) confidence, although it’s not over yet. We know that it was 90 minutes in a two-game series, so we’re aware that it’s not over yet. It was an important step forward, but nothing is set in stone. We gained confidence, the team is still looking good, solid, and we have to improve like always, but the team’s confidence and stability in the last few fixtures have been very good for the whole group.”

We mustn’t think of the Final yet.

“However, we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, there are still another 90 minutes to be played and then we can start talking about records or statistics, nobody knows what the outcome of this series will be and, simply, we could say that this was the first half and we’ll be playing the second, so we have to go to Canada with the mentality of winning.”

They know Cruz Azul will be a complicated team.

“We’re already focusing from today on Cruz Azul, but we’ve also seen that they’ve won in the last week. Perhaps they’ve had a difficult time over the last month, but their response in the last week has been positive for their football and lifted their spirits. We know that Cruz Azul isn’t an easy opponent, and player by player it’s one of the best squads. We are aware that we’ll be face-to-face with on the best squads in the league.”

Tigres always tells us to avoid arguing with the referees.

“In general terms, they’ve always said that (we shouldn’t argue with the referees), not just now because of what happened. They have always said that and encouraged us to set an example inside and outside the pitch.”

We need to be patient and intelligent in the second leg of the Semifinal.

“Each match is different and we’re mentally prepared for a more difficult game than the one we played here, because they have their supporters there, and they’ll do their best to attack. We know they’re not an easy rival, and we’re going there to do what we know how to do, and we need to be patient and intelligent whenever necessary throughout the match.”