Tigres need to improve their decisiveness.- Guido Pizarro

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Thursday, May 12, 2016.- Tigres are very upset because they played the way they needed to against Rayados, they generated numerous opportunities, but were unable to convert them into goals, affirmed Guido Pizarro, a midfielder for the felines, today.

“El Conde” clarified that they will be able to avoid elimination if they play in the same way and with the same strength of character they showed on Wednesday, though they must improve their decisiveness.

“I think that in these phases, where everyone is at the same level, it’s unusual to highlight the good side of a result like this, especially in a Derby, but yesterday we were the dominant team, though they defended themselves well, and even though we generated situations, I think that this hadn’t happened to us in other matches, it’s a shame that we couldn’t finish them.

“Right now, in these phases, it’s important to finish, to win, and nothing else matters. There’s no doubt that we will have to play a good game and take advantage of all the opportunities in order to make sure we have a chance,” said the Argentine.

Pizarro explained that the key to the second leg of the Quarter Final against Monterrey will be to score as quickly as possible to give them the confidence to face the rest of the match, which he hopes will be played with the same approach as the 107th Derby.

“When going for the first goal, the key will be to try to keep calm and score first at the very start of the match, being careful about the spaces we leave so they can’t gain confidence and score against us, that’s where the key to the game will be. This match will be similar, with the opponent trying to succeed in their attack like they did yesterday, but we have to be more decisive, otherwise it’s going to be difficult,” he said.

The midfielder, who is a naturalized Mexican citizen, is certain that things can improve and that they will be able to achieve the right result in the second leg, and right now they are mentally prepared to win the match.

“(Right now we feel) angry more than anything, because yesterday we played a great game and left with a bad result, but we must carry on, we have another 90 minutes and we have to keep fighting right to the very end.

“There’s no time to beat ourselves up, we have to keep on doing our best and try to turn the score around on Saturday,” Guido commented.