Tigres practice alternatives to contend with closed formations.- ‘Palmera’

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Wednesday, March 9, 2016.- As time goes by, the rival teams have been carefully studying the best way to damage Tigres style of play, but José Rivas, the felines’ center back, indicated that, as a result, the team has had to propose several alternatives to break the defensive barrier that their opponents always create when playing at the Tigres stadium.

“During the week, all the teams prepare, study their opponent, while we have a more academic, so to say, approach, the teams are getting to know as better and better and are aware of our strengths.

“When the teams come to play us here on our ground, they come to close us in, which has made things quite difficult for us. They cover the touchlines more and more, they know our strong points, but during the week we have been studying several alternative plays and we have to be able to neutralize their strategy,” explained ‘Palmera’, Rivas’ nickname.

Nevertheless, Rivas is aware that there is room for improvement in the defense, because keeping the ball out of their goal builds the team’s confidence and helps the offense to work much better.

He also talked about the match against Pumas this Saturday and said that he expects the game to be complicated given the dynamics always in place in the team led by Guillermo Vázquez, although he emphasized the Mexico City team’s wide players.

“The wide players are the most dangerous element in the team. These players are very fast, with good individual skills and are players to watch, but, also, their center forward (Eduardo Herrera) is very good in the air. I had the opportunity to get to know him (in the National Team) and he’s a very good footballer; the team as a whole is very dynamic, very agile, which is probably their most challenging aspect,” he explained.