Tigres settles for a draw in the 109th Derby and is close to qualifying

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Saturday, October 29, 2016.- The 109th Derby ended in a 1-1 draw. Tigres couldn’t find the way to get ahead in the match and, despite an enormous effort across the 90 minutes, they were unable to claim victory. This result took them to 27 points, but they will have to wait until the end of the day to find out if their qualification is guaranteed.

The intensity level of the match was off the charts, as was the passion displayed by both sides. Even though during the part of the first half Rayados put the felines in a predicament, ultimately Tigres took control of the match, snatching balls at will in the midfield and generating several opportunities.


Tigres presented the same starting formation as in their last win against Pumas, with just one change, Andy Delort was replaced by André-Pierre Gignac. Last season’s champion goal scorer missed the last match owing to injury.

So, the felines played with four forwards, Gignac, Ismael Sosa, Javier Aquino and Luis Quiñones, although the latter two played more up and down both flanks.

Rayados chose an attacking formation, also with four strikers and two men as pivots, making for a fast-paced game.


The first half started with both teams playing at top speed, with constant shots seeking the defenses’ backs, though in the first few minutes neither side managed to come face to face with the goal.

Tigres didn’t get off to a particularly good start, playing too hastily and losing balls in areas where they normally play well. In fact, one of them came very close to becoming a goal for the visitors when Yimmi Chará smashed the ball into the base of the right-hand post.

Minute 23 brought the felines’ first clear opportunity, in a rapid advance that ended with Gignac taking the ball into the box, but his cross shot was slightly deflected by the goalkeeper Domínguez and Zelarayán’s counterattack sent the ball over the crossbar.

Three minutes later, Aquino attempted a long-range shot, but the ball went too far and flew over the crossbar. Tigres insisted down the middle through Sosa and Quiñones; in fact, at 34’, the Colombian made his way into the zone, but was knocked down by César Montes outside the penalty area.

Tigres gradually began to play more confidently, with better passes and greater coordination. Then, at minute 38, Aquino’s cross into the box was headed home by Sosa.


The second half got off to an intense start. Quiñones wasted no time in breaking away along the left flank, brushing off three opponents to cross into the penalty area where Gignac was unable to make contact with the ball that bounced away.

The universitarios gradually took control of the match, of the important moments, with Guido Pizarro making a supreme effort, stealing balls right, left and center, Quiñones in full command of the left flank breaking away at will, and Torres Nilo snatching as many balls as possible on the left-hand side.

At minute 59, Quiñones once more broke away from his opponents, crossed the ball and just as Sosa was on his own and about to shoot, the Rayados defense pushed him in the back spoiling his contact with the ball, but the referee failed to see the foul.

Rayados made a few attempts through Funes Mori, but couldn’t find the goal, while the home side displayed their skills, anticipating plays. At 66’, Monterrey was almost left one man down when Gignac escaped on his own only to be knocked down by Montes, who was given a yellow card by the referee.

The substitutions started at the 70-minute mark when Ricardo Ferretti sent Viniegra on to replace Zelarayán.

Unfortunately for the felines, Montes equalized with a ball that deflected off Pizarro’s chest. From that moment on, marking and tackling grew the game’s intensity.

Ferretti decided to replace ‘Chuco’ Sosa and Aquino with Jürgen Damm and Andy Delort, seeking to refresh the midfield. Damm immediately sought to generate danger along the right flank, but without any luck, while Delort effortlessly displayed nutmegs and cutbacks and tried to set up assists.

Even in stoppage time, Damm sent a cross into the zone to Gignac, whose header lacked direction. So, the match ended in a draw, though neither side had held anything back.


#TigreDato This was the 33rd draw on the Monterrey Derby, leaving the balance at 38 wins for the felines and 37 for Rayados.



1-0 (38’) Aquino sends a cross from the left that Sosa heads into ‘Dida’ Domínguez’s left angle, making it impossible for the goalie to save.


1-1 (71’) Goal by César Montes from a ball that bounced off Guido Pizarro’s chest.


Tigres: Nahuel Guzmán; Jesús Dueñas, Hugo Ayala, Juninho and Jorge Torres Nilo; Guido Pizarro, Lucas Zelarayán (Manuel Viniegra 70’), Luis Quiñones and Javier Aquino (Andy Delort 80’); Ismael Sosa (Jürgen Damm 77’) and André-Pierre Gignac

Rayados: Alexander Domínguez; Walter Ayovi, Iván Piris, José Basanta and César Montes; Walter Gargano (Arturo González 61’), Celso Ortiz and Carlos Sánchez (Hiram Mier 88’); Yimmi Chará (Santiago Rivera 80’), Dorlan Pabón and Rogelio Funes Mori

Referee: Fernando Guerrero Ramírez


Tigres: Guido Pizarro (69’), Jürgen Damm (93’)

Rayados: José Basanta (45’), Walter Gargano (60’), César Montes (66’), Rogleio Funes Mori (85’)