Tigres studies mistakes and strengths in depth.- Torres Nilo

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Wednesday, March 9, 2016.- At Tigres , defeats and victories are studied in depth, either to reach conclusions regarding defeats or to find areas of opportunity in their triumphs that help the team to improve week by week, explained Jorge Torres Nilo, a Feline defender.The ‘Pechu’, as he is known, explained that after each match the team reviews its own performance on both individual and group levels, and they view the next match as an exam that has to be presented to see if they have learnt everything they worked on in the training sessions. “When you don’t win, you start to be more analytical about the things that are happening on the field. When you do win, you try to be more aware of what you need to improve,” Jorge said, “when you suffer a defeat, you have to pay more attention to things such as the goals received or what could have been done to score in the goal area.”Torres Nilo stated that he and all his teammates are aware that they have received more goals than in previous tournaments, so this is a vulnerable area that the whole team needs to work on and improve, not just in the defensive zone. “We know how important it is to receive zero goals and that we need to do more work in this area, not just the defense, but all the players, as a team. At Tigres, we know that we all defend and we all attack, so we are working and concentrating on this,” he mentioned. Finally, the ‘Pechu’ is sorry that Guido Pizarro is going to miss the match against Pumas due to suspension, but he stressed that the gold and blue team’s squad is large enough to have players to take the Argentinian’s place. “Guido is a key part of the team, but there are other players who would like to be given an opportunity to play and will do the best they can, with their conditions, which we know are different, but we have great faith in them. In the end, ‘Tuca’ is the one who determines who is going to play.”