Tigres thrills and thrashes 4-0

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, April 15.- The UANL Tigres continue to look for a spot in the Playoffs and this time they thrilled the fans and thrashed the UNAM Pumas 4-0, for a total of 19 points in the Clausura 2017.
Goals by Ismael Sosa, two by Jürgen Damm, whose arrival in the second half proved to be a nightmare for the opponent, and one more by André-Pierre Gignac, earned the hosts another three points.

Tigres was determined to repeat their performances of the last two matches, and, at minute 5, Luis Rodríguez, who has felt at home on the right flank, reached the goal line and crossed to Javier Aquino, whose shot went into the goalkeeper’s hands.
In contrast, the opponent attempted to put the pressure on form the start, but our side was firmly positioned in their own area.
At 15’, Aquino passed the ball into the zone, André-Pierre Gignac let it go by for Ismael Sosa, who had entered the box and, as the goalkeeper came off his line, brought the score to 1-0, firing up the jubilation of the Incomparable Ones.
One minute later, Gignac had an opportunity when Sosa passed him the ball in the zone, but the Frenchman sliced his shot wide over the goal line.
At 25’, Pumas reacted with Matías Britos’ shot, deflected by Nahuel Guzmán, giving a hint of their effort to react.
A minute later, the visitors had their best opportunity so far, when Juninho, on the line, saved Tigres from the equalizer, as the ball crashed into his chest, then ended up in Nahuel’s hands.
At 32’, it was Jesús Dueñas who let Pumas off the hook, when, unmarked, he received a ball near the penalty spot, but his shot went wide of the netkeeper Saldívar’s left post.
Now it was Eduardo Vargas’ turn, who, at 41’, received a ball from Gignac, but the Chilean’s shot found the goalkeeper’s hands. Tigres wasn’t lessening the pressure; in fact, they wanted more.

Tuca was forced to make his first substitution in the second half owing to Jesús Dueñas’ slight injury, replacing him with Jürgen Damm, who just eight minutes later gave Tigres their second goal.
The capped player received on the right, entered the zone and beat the goalkeeper with his cross. The scoreboard displayed 2-0 for the UANL Tigres.
This disconcerted UNAM somewhat, especially when seeking overlaps, and, at minute 62, Vargas had a chance for the third when he came up through the center, but his shot smashed into the goalie’s chest.
At minute 64, Damm was back, breaking away at top speed down the center, drawing the netkeeper off his line and crossing for the third goal, bringing the Universitario to its feet.
The fiesta came to a peak at minute 74, when, not wanting to be left out of the celebrations, the French player André-Pierre Gignac received a ball from the left, made his way through and shot from inside the box, sending the ball into the bottom corner of the net. The 4-0 sent fans completely wild.
Minutes later, Tuca decided to take Damm off, who had been a 32-minute-long nightmare for UNAM’s defense, sending Damián Álvarez on to replace him.
Pumas had an opportunity at minute 84, when Matías Britos beat Hugo Ayala to the ball, but Nahuel took control, deflecting the ball to concede a corner.
Just a couple of minutes before the end, Vargas made the Pumas nervous again, when Zelarayan sent a precise pass to the Chilean, who controlled the ball in the box, but was disarmed by the defense before he could get the shot off.
Tigres is back in the running for a Playoff spot, although right now their focus is on the first leg of the Concacaf Final, which they will host next Tuesday against the Tuzos in the Universitario Stadium.

TIGRES: Nahuel Guzmán; Jorge Torres Nilo, Juninho, Hugo Ayala, Luis Rodríguez, Guido Pizarro, Jesús Dueñas (Jürgen Damm 46’) (Damián Álvarez 78’), Javier Aquino, Ismael Sosa (Lucas Zelarayan 69’), Eduardo Vargas, and André-Pierre Gignac.
UNAM: Alfredo Saldívar; José Carlos Vanranking, Darío Verón, Alan Mendoza (Alejandro Castro 79’), Kevin Escamilla (Alejandro Zamudio 64’), Javier Cortes, Abraham González, Bryan Rabello, Jesús Gallardo, Matías Britos and Pablo Jaquez.

1-0        (15’) Aquino passed the ball into the zone, André-Pierre Gignac let it go by for Ismael Sosa, who finished as the goalkeeper came off his line.
2-0        (53’) Jürgen Damm entered the zone from the right and scored with a cross as the goalkeeper came off his line.
3-0        (64’) Jürgen Damm broke away down the center, overtook a defender, drew the netkeeper off his line and scored.
4-0        (74’) Andre-Pierre Gignac received from the left, made his way through and sent the ball past the inside of the left post.

TIGRES: Jürgen Damm (65’).
UNAM: Kevin Escamilla (2’), José Carlos Van Ranking (28’) and Pablo Jaquez (60’)


Referee: Luis Enrique Santander
Assistant referee No. 1: Juan Joel Rangel
Assistant referee No. 2: Lixy Enriquez Guerrero
Fourth official: Oscar Mejía García