Tigres want everyone to enjoy the Derby in peace

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Tuesday, October 25, 2016.- The Derby offers an amazing opportunity to experience the match as a true party, to enjoy it in peace and feel proud in the region of having one of the most engaging games in Mexican football, assured Tigres president, Alejandro Rodríguez Miechielsen.

“In this match, many things are at stake: the teams’ pride, history, the references you (the press) kindly remind us of every day. It’s a great party and that’s how we’ll approach it, making sure everyone has fun.

“I think that every time we have the opportunity to tell people to come in peace (we must do so), to leave in peace, to enjoy their team’s performance, either at the stadium or wherever they’ll be watching it, enjoy it, it’s a party, let’s be proud that our derby is increasingly important because the city has two of the strongest teams in Mexico. Let’s hope this continues for many years to come and that football in our city continues to gain the dimension the fans deserve.”

We must think about winning the remaining three matches.

“If our mentality is to assume we’ve already qualified, we might be doing so in eighth place. It’s better to think we haven’t got there yet. Right now, we’re in the top four, but in order to stay there we have to take the following three complicated fixtures very seriously, one is the Derby  which is a different game, every year it’s the same, it’s a Derby; then it’s Tijuana and that will be quite a contest, I think Tijuana will be in first or second place this weekend, but we want to beat Tijuana there in their stadium; and then it’s Querétaro with Vucetich, and we want to beat him too, just for reminding us that he used to be Monterrey’s manager.”

He would like to finish as high as possible on the table.

“The tournament is coming to an end and we have to be ranked as high as possible so that, in the Playoffs, we’ll have the opportunity to play the second leg at home and make sure that the opportunities or probabilities are more in our favor.”

‘Tuca’ will be renewing as long as he continues to be committed.

“As long as he has the commitment, the capacity, the dream and the desire to win championships and work with the same intensity, ‘Tuca’ will form part of the Tigres team, and we’re not talking about timeframes or contracts, but mutual commitments.

“Perhaps you aren’t used to this kind of thing (having a manager lead a team for so long). Well, we’re measuring the work, not the results, perhaps you are result-oriented, but we’re professionals who try to dignify the work of football professionals, the players in this case and the technical staff, it’s as simple as that.”