Tigres wants to get back on track for Pumas

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Tuesday, March 8, 2016.- Damián Álvarez knows that Tigres can’t waste time regretting their loss in the 106th Derby. On the contrary, they need to turn the page and think about Pumas, their rival this Saturday, in order to achieve a positive result that will keep the team in the running to classify.

The felines’ left winger agreed with his manager that this isn’t the right time to lose heart or get worked up about not accomplishing a positive result, because Saturday’s post-game analysis showed them that if they had just been more assertive, the score would have been different.

“Obviously we will be doing our best to get a good result on Saturday, to win, one result always leads to another and, in this case, we are just three points away from second place and just a few points ahead of the teams below us, who are all very close to each other. So, we have to keep on giving all we’ve got.

“We never stop focusing on the idea we have, always beyond the result and what the match meant; we definitely have to keep it in mind and be proud of that so we can move forward undeterred, but without doing just anything, never giving up on the idea and everything we have always done and that has been a success,” explained ‘Shorty’.

Regarding the match against Pumas on Saturday, corresponding to the tenth match date, the Argentinian commented that it is always thrilling to compete against one of the so-called great teams. In fact, he knows that they cannot give them any space, since Pumas will also be coming to the game with the idea of beating Tigres.

“These are always matches with a plus, when you play against the top teams. In this case, they drew their last game and also want to make sure they classify, so let’s hope our game will be fluid in this match, doing what we do best.

“You can’t give a team like Pumas a lot of space. They also have this double competition and could be affected in that sense. Let’s hope we can take advantage of this situation and get back on the path to triumph as soon as possible,” he said.

Damián emphasized that since the team is in top form physically, they should not be affected by participating in two competitions at the same time, the Concacaf and the Liga, and also because they have a large squad.