Tigres Women Advance to the Semifinals

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, November 26.- Tigres Women couldn’t improve on the goalless draw, so they resorted to the same tactics they had used in Guadalajara three days beforehand, to advance to the 2018 Apertura Semifinal, with an overall score of 2-1 against Atlas.

Nevertheless, the goalless draw pleased the fans, with two teams fighting on an equal level. Now our ladies will be facing the Guadalajara Chivas in search of a ticket to the Final.



Our team got off to a good start, creating opportunities and penetrating the box. However, their opponent gradually began to grow, being forced to find our goal and, in this way, gaining ball possession.

At 12’, Lizbeth Ovalle tried to control a through ball, but the Guadalajara defense intervened to recover the ball.

Then, at minute 20, Ana García broke away on her right, entering our players’ box and attempted a powerful shot that was off-target, but gave our supporters a fright.

Tigres Women was beginning to lose strength in their overlapping, while the Red-and-Blacks were playing with good recovery and at a fine pace in their attack, although their first opportunity came from a set-piece situation when the woodwork blocked a shot by Adriana Iturbide.

It wasn’t until minute 36 that Ramón Villa Zevallos’ players managed to unnerve their opponent’s goal, when Ovalle crossed into the box, but no one was there to finish, putting an end to our first opportunity.

Atlas was beginning to have possession again and was in control of the midfield, but lessening their attack.



The pace was the same in the second half, with Atlas seeking to be the first to score and upping their attack, and Tigres endeavoring to move forward with long passes or overlapping on the sides.

In this way, at minute 48, Katty Martínez came close inside the box after a cross by Evelyn González from the left, shaking off the defense, but her attempt went high, dampening the celebrations in the stands.

Atlas pressed forward and maintained recovery in their opponent’s area, forcing our defense to dig deep to draw on their strengths.

Lizbeth Ovalle had a chance at minute 55 in an individual play, but her attempt, though bold, missed to the right.

Belén Cruz, at 65’, came close when she broke away down the left and entered the box, but her soft shot aimed at the right post was deflected by goalkeeper Ana Gaby Paz , conceding a corner.

Nayelli Rangel then came on to replace Cristina Ferral, in order to consolidate the midfield and seek greater overlapping and, above all, ball recovery.

But it was Joana Robles, at 74’, who made a huge effort for the Guadalajara team, receiving outside the box with a great opportunity, but her shot missed to the right.

A minute afterwards, Tigres responded with a header inside the box by Katty Martínez, forcing Ana Gaby Paz to leap to the side to save her goal.

Then, at 77’, Belén Cruz crossed inside the box, but Atlas’ netkeeper denied her a goal, deflecting the shot.

To-ing and fro-ing defined the last few minutes, with both sides seeking their own objectives and refusing to give any ground for the balls fought on the pitch.

Katty Martínez came close to the winning goal in injury time, when, facing an empty net, having already defeated the goalkeeper, her shot went high over the crossbar to her and everyone else’s amazement.



TIGRES WOMEN: Alejandra Gutiérrez; Greta Espinoza, Nancy Antonio, Liliana Mercado, Evelyn González (Carolina Jaramillo 78’), Katty Martínez, Karen Luna (Natalia Villarreal 65’), Lizbeth Ovalle, Cristina Ferral (Nayelli Rangel 70’), Belén Cruz and Selene Cortez.


ATLAS WOMEN: Ana Gaby Paz; Karla García, María Martínez (Ana Rodríguez 46’), Alejandra Franco, Joana Robles, Adriana Iturbide, Claudia Ibarra, Mitzi Martínez, Fátima Delgado (Mayra Santana 71’), Zellyka Arce and Ana García (Maritza Maldonado 52’).







TIGRES WOMEN: Greta Espinoza (68’)

ATLAS WOMEN: Fátima Delgado (35’), Mitzi Martínez (51’), Zellyka Arce (73’)





REFEREE: Katia García

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Jaime González