Tigres Women Draw in Guadalajara

GUADALAJARA, JALISCO | Monday, February 18, 2019.- Matchday 8 of the Clausura 2019 tournament brought together, in the Akron Stadium, two teams who are used to fighting hard, to the extent that many people view a game between Tigres Women and Chivas Women as one of the Women’s Liga MX derbies.

The first half served to allow both sides to size each other up after the last match that had put Chivas on the path to the Apertura 2018 championship. Even though Tigres was in control throughout most of the first half and created more opportunities, they were unable to put the ball past netkeeper Blanca Félix, given the opponent’s steadfast defensive strategy.

Early on in the match, at minute 10, a free kick by Liliana Mercado almost made it into the net when the goalkeeper dropped the ball, but none of Tigres’ strikers came forward in time.

Two minutes later, Katty Martínez put the keeper on the spot, but was unable to steal the ball that was right on the goal line.

The ferocity of the competition also gave Nayeli Rangel the chance to prove herself, when she received in a one-two play that left her to finish on her own inside the box, but she hit the ball too hard and her attempt went high.

Tigres Women seemed to be in possession, especially when Belén Cruz sent a through ball to Liliana Mercado, but she hit the ball too low and again it went over the crossbar.

At 35’, Katty Martínez broke a way from the defense, but just as she was about to shoot from the line, her shot was intercepted and rendered harmless.

Chivas came very close, but goalkeeper Solís and defender Natalia Villarreal crashed into each other, forcing the paramedics to come on to take care of them.

Just before the end of the first half, Tigres came even closer to opening the scoring, but both teams went to the locker rooms empty handed.



In the second half, Tigres and Chivas insisted on reaching their opponent’s goal, but few opportunities were created in either box. Tigres Women were somewhat impetuous in their attack.

At 49’, Chivas gave Tigres a fright with a shot by Miriam Castillo that bounced onto Ofelia Solís’ post and looked as though it would go in. However, Tigres Women were ultimately saved from conceding the first goal in the Akron Stadium.

Substitutions began at 58’ to reinforce the attack and generate more and clearer opportunities. Ramón Villa Zevallos replaced Nayeli Rangel and Belén Cruz with Fernanda Elizondo, an intuitive striker, and Nancy Antonio, respectively.

Minutes after this adjustment, Katty Martínez penetrated Chivas’ box with a well-controlled ball, but, at the end of the play, she was unable to control and the defense intervened. Five minutes afterwards, at 67’, Katty managed to shoot in a half-turn inside the six-yard box, but her attempt went straight into Félix’s hands, though proving that Tigres wanted more.

Tigres constantly put the pressure on, so much so that they forced a new direct free kick taken by Liliana Mercado that nearly went into the net guarded by Félix, who was injured in this play.

After Selene Cortés was replaced with Vanessa González at 80’, Nicole Pérez, one of the U-17 stars, came close to scoring for the Guadalajara side, colliding with the feline keeper, Ofelia Solís.

Both teams were eager to score, but Guadalajara’s defensive efforts contained the best offense of the tournament. As a result, the two teams earned one point each from the nil-nil draw.

With this result, Tigres remains at the top of the general table with 17 points, continues to have the best offense in the tournament, with 22 goals, and Katty Martínez is still the top scorer in the Women’s Liga MX. Tigres Women’s next match will be in Querétaro, on February 24th.



TIGRES: 20. Ofelia Solís, 3. Jazmín Enrigue, 4 Greta Espinoza, 17. Natalia Villarreal, 22. Selene Cortés (79’ Vanessa González), 7 Liliana Mercado, 11. Nayeli Rangel (58’ Fernanda Elizondo) 14 Jackie Ovalle, 8. Belén Cruz (58’ Nancy Antonio), 9. Evelyn González, 10. Katty Martínez


MGR.: Ramón Villa Zevallos

NECAXA: 12. Blanca Félix, 4. Arlett Tovar, 14. María Sánchez, 16. Priscila Padilla, 26. Angélica Torres (67’ Guadalupe Sánchez), 6. Susana Bejarano (74’ Victoria Acevedo), 10. Tania Morales, 15. Miriam Castillo, 28. Dania Pérez, 9. Brenda Viramontes (60’ Norma Duarte), 25. Kristal Soto.

MGR.: Luis Díaz


Yellow cards

Tigres Women

14’ Selene Cortés

Chivas Women

9’ Priscila Padilla

90’ Arlett Tovar


REFEREE: Priscila Eritzel Pérez Borja

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Mayra Alejandra Mora Cerero

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Jéssica Fernanda Morales

FOURTH OFFICIAL: Juan José Gutiérrez León