Tigres Women Finish the Tournament with a Win and Qualify to the Playoffs

MONTERREY, APRIL 15, 2019.- TIGRES WOMEN finished their participation in the regular phase of the Clausura 2019 tournament with a victory against Chivas Women, in which the felines’ dynamism, determination and performance thrilled the more than 16 thousand fans who had made their way to the Universitario Stadium to see their side win.


With this victory, their sixth against Chivas, Ramón Villa Zevallos’ team has accumulated 36 points and reached second place on the General Table, as well as in Group 2.


The goals arrived early in the first half. The first, at the four-minute mark, by Belén Cruz who scored with a header off a cross from Jackie Ovalle on the left, after a penetrating pass by Sonia Vázquez. This is Tigres Women’s second earliest goal against Chivas, after Blanca Solís’s goal on Matchday 2 of the Apertura 2017 tournament.


Soon, at the 7th minute, Chivas Women responded through Ana Gabriela Huerta, who shot from inside the six-yard box, assisted by Tania Morales with a cross.


This goal was the equalizer, although on the field of play it was a very different story that did not reflect the score: Tigres Women constantly put the pressure on Blanca Félix’s net, who, as on other occasions, became increasingly stronger under pressure from the opponent and was able to repeatedly keep her goal safe.


Half-time arrived and both squads went to the changing rooms boasting a goal each.


Tigres made their first move in the second half, replacing Evelyn González with top scorer Katty Martínez, seeking to move ahead on the scoreboard. And they almost managed it at 48, with a header after a free kick, but goalkeeper Félix saved the ball practically on the line, just as it was about to turn into a second goal.


A minute later, anticipation grew on the pitch and in the stands, when Jazmín Enrigue came very close to scoring the second, after the ball stayed inside the six-yard box following a corner in which several players tried to shoot, but were all blocked by Chivas’ defense, who conceded another corner.


Excitement grew even more as the minutes went by, since Tigres Women’s intention of securing a home win became increasingly clear when Villa Zevallos sent on forward Blanca Solís to replace center-forward Jazmín Enrigue. And it was Solís, also known as “Blankiller”, in her return to the pitch after months of inactivity owing to an injury, who ended up bringing about Chivas’ own goal and victory for Tigres Women at 88’.


With this result, Tigres Women reached 36 points and have played all their matches, with 11 wins. They are now preparing to compete in the Playoffs in which eight teams participate.




TIGRES: 20. Ofelia Solís, 3. Jazmín Enrigue (79’ 19. Blanca Solís), 4 Greta Espinoza, 13. Karen Luna, 22. Selene Cortés , 7 Liliana Mercado, 16. Sonia Vázquez 14 Jackie Ovalle, 8. Belén Cruz, 9. Evelyn González (46’ 10. Katty Martínez), 5. Fernanda Elizondo (90’ 15. Cristina Ferral)


MGR.: Ramón Villa Zevallos

CHIVAS: 12. Blanca Félix, 2. Vanessa Sánchez 10. Tania Morales, 11. Norma Duarte (74’ 4. Arlett Tovar), 14. María Andrea Sánchez (80’ 25. Rubí Soto) 15.  Miriam Castillo 16. Priscila Padilla, 20. Ana Huerta, 26. Angélica Torres, 27. Paloma Guzmán, 28. Nicole Pérez (63’ 8. Victoria Acevedo).

MGR.: Luis Díaz


Yellow cards







REFEREE: Priscila Eritzel Pérez Borja

Assistant referee No. 1: Viridiana Aglaeth Flores Ayala

Assistant referee No. 2: Valeria Sarahi Andrade Lázaro

Fourth official: Óscar Eduardo Peña Dávila