Tigres Women Regain Leadership: 4-1!

QUERÉTARO, February 24th.- Tigres Women stun the Querétaro Gallos Blancos 4-1, to regain their leadership of the Women’s Liga MX in the Clausura 2019 tournament.

A superb performance by Nancy Antonio, with two goals and an assist, gave our side 18, 19 and 20 points to level with the Rayadas, but with a better goal difference.



The match got off to an intense start for our players, since, just six minutes in, Nancy Antonio, following a corner, opened the scoring with a precise header inside the box surrounded by three defenders, making it 1-0 and putting our team on the path to victory.

Then, at 11’, it was Belén Cruz’s turn with a mid-distance shot that went into goalkeeper Natalia Acuña’s hands. Tigres Women were creating the opportunity for the second.

Our young keeper, Vania Villalobos, appeared at minute 13 to block a shot by Melissa Arredondo and protect her net.

Minutes later, Fernanda Elizondo, came close twice, since, at 18’, she attempted to finish in the box, but the defense intervened; then, at  20’, after a half-turn, she prepared to shoot, but the defense blocked her again.

The second goal was scored at minute 25, yet again by Nancy Antonio, whose mid-distance shot found the right-hand corner of the net, making it 2-0.

However, just a minute later, the referee awarded a penalty against our players that was converted by Melissa Arredondo, shrinking the difference to 2-1.

Evelyn González broke away at minute 32 along the right flank, crossed, but the goalkeeper blocked her shot.

A minute afterwards, Belén Cruz shook off three opponents in an individual play, but again the netkeeper intervened. Fernanda Elizondo found the rebound, but the defense got in the way, putting an end to the chance for the third.

At 39’, goalkeeper Villalobos’ quick reactions saved Tigres Women in a moment of confusion among the defense.

Fernanda Elizondo came close to the third at 41’, when, in an individual play, she shook off her mark, but her attempt was saved by keeper Natalia.



In the second half, Tigres Women continued with the same strategy, seeking and creating opportunities, since, at minute 53, Jaquelín García crossed inside the box but the goalkeeper easily saved her fairly weak attempt.

Querétaro tried to react at minute 61, but Yokoyama was on the alert inside the box, ready to protect Tigres Women’s goal from any danger.

Just a minute later, Nancy Antonio came close but her shot was off target, despite being in front of an empty goal. Then, at 64’, Andrea Romero’s header went over keeper Villalobos’ bar.

Their persistence was rewarded finally at minute 78, when Greta Espinoza scored the decisive goal, making it 3-1 and taking another step towards a win.

Tigres Women wanted more, and, at 80’, Fernanda Elizondo almost top-poked the ball in for the fourth.

However, at 84’, the fourth became a reality when Belén Cruz made it 4-1 off a cross from the right by Nancy Antonio, assuring our team’s landslide victory.

In stoppage time, at minute 91, Liliana Mercado cutback inside the box and came face-to-face with the goal, but the defense rapidly intervened to avoid the fifth.

And a minute afterwards, Natalia Miramontes prevented the fall of Tigres Women’s goal, clearing the ball from the goal line when the keeper had already been defeated.



QUERÉTARO: 23 Natalia Acuña; 5 Rebeca Villuendas, 6 Karen Espinoza, 9 Andrea Romero, 10 Elisa Espino (18 Alejandra Tapia 29’), 11 Daniela Vázquez, 12 Melissa Arredondo, 14 Luz Ruíz (15 Karym Iturbe 64’), 22 Sofía Álvarez (7 Valeria Reza 76’), 27 Fatima Servín and 28 Paola Urbieta.


TIGRES WOMEN: 33 Vania Villalobos; 2 María Yokoyama, 4 Greta Espinoza, 5 María Elizondo (15 Cristina Ferral 75’), 6 Nancy Antonio, 7 Liliana Mercado, 9 Evelyn González (13 Karen Luna 80), 18 Belén Cruz, 21 Jaquelín García (24 Vanessa González 86’), 22 Selene Cortés and 31 Natalia Miramontes.




0-1   (6’) Header by Nancy Antonio inside the box.

0-2 (25’) Nancy Antonio mid-distance shot into the right-hand corner of the net.

1-2 (26’) Penalty converted by Melissa Arredondo.

1-3 (78’) Greta Espinoza scores inside the box.

1-4 (86’) Belén Cruz decisive shot, assisted by Nancy Antonio.



QUERÉTARO WOMEN: Rebeca Villuendas (70’), Paola Urbieta (73’)

TIGRES WOMEN: Akemi Yokoyama (89’)




REFEREE: Katia García

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Sandra Ramírez

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Jair de Jesús Sosa