Tigres Women Reign Supreme

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, November 5th.- Tigres Women fought back to reign supreme in Mexico’s women’s football, defeating the Guadalajara Chivas Rayadas 2-1 and breaking their own Liga record in points.

The maximum reached by our team in the Women’s Liga MX was 34 points, which, thanks to this victory achieved with goals by Lizbeth Ovalle and Belén Cruz, rose to 37 to keep the team in the top spot of the tournament.



This was a first half of contrasts, in which most of the time our team had possession and the best opportunities, but lacked effectiveness, which is something the opponent did show when they had the chance.

Tigres Women began to create opportunities as of minute three, with a header by Katty Martínez that went high; then, at 12’, Nancy Antonio’s attempt was blocked by the opponent’s goalkeeper.

Before that, Guadalajara had a chance with a long-range shot, although it was easily saved by our goalkeeper, Ángeles Martínez.

At minute 20, it was Jacqueline Ovalle’s turn, with a cross that went wide to the right and then, at 23’, following a corner, the melee in Chivas’ box eventually came to nothing.

A minute afterwards, Katty Martínez had another chance, but her shot was blocked by a defender who was well-positioned in her own area.

Our side came closer, insisting over and over again, and it would just be a matter of time before the first goal was scored, and, at  26’, Belén Cruz had an opportunity from inside the box, but her shot was off target.

And just as our team was doing its best to find the goal, Kristal Soto took advantage of a mistake at the back, broke into the box and brought our goalkeeper off her line and did the unthinkable, making it 1-0 for the girls from Guadalajara.

After that, although difficult, Tigres did their best to control their frustration and, at 38’, Jackie Ovalle had an opportunity inside the box, but the defense intervened.



The second half continued in much the same way, with Tigres Women in possession of the ball and creating opportunities, while Chivas Women focused on any mistakes made by their opponent and long passes.

At 55’, an attempt by Paulina Solís went wide, but, at 57’, in a ball that seemed to be lost, Greta Espinoza appeared with a cross into the box, where Jackie Ovalle equalized with a header.

With this score, Tigres tried to position themselves better on the pitch, with the firm idea of gaining ball possession.

At minute 65, Ovalle controlled inside the box, cut back, but her shot missed to the left, leaving the second goal pending. Then, at 71’, Katty Martínez’s mid-range shot went high.

Nancy Antonio came close at 72’, although her well controlled shot from in front of the net went over the crossbar.

Katty Martínez scored a minute later, but a mistake between the referee and lineswoman annulled her goal, taking away our lead.

However, at minute 87, Katty Martínez fought for and won the ball, passed to Nancy Antonio, who crossed into the box, where Belén Cruz’s header finally turned the score around to 2-1, breaking Tigres’ record in points.

In the last few minutes, our side held on to their lead, assuring their supremacy in Mexican women’s football.



TIGRES WOMEN: Ángeles Martínez; Greta Espinoza, Nancy Antonio, Liliana Mercado (Nayeli Rangel 75’), Evelyn González, Katty Martínez (Vanessa González 90’), Karen Luna, Jacqueline Ovalle, Cristina Ferral, Belén Cruz and Paulina Solís.


CHIVAS WOMEN: Blanca Félix; Guadalupe Sánchez, Miriam García, Arlett Tovar, Yazmín Álvarez, Susan Bejarano (Victoria Acevedo 75’), Brenda Viramontes (María Velázquez 67’), Norma Duarte, María Sánchez, Miriam Castillo and Kristal Soto (Daniela Pulido 86’).




0-1 (31’) Kristal Soto takes advantage of a mistake, enters the box, brings the goalkeeper off her line and scores.

1-1 (57’) Cross from the right by Greta Espinoza to Jackie Ovalle who heads the ball in.

2-1 (87’) Belén Cruz scores from inside the box with a header.




CHIVAS WOMEN: Arlett Tovar (54’)





REFEREE: Katia García

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Yudilia Briones

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Jessica Morales

FOURTH OFFICIAL: Juan Fco. Sánchez