Tigres Women Win to Contend for the Top Spot

MORELIA, April 8th.- Tigres Women, for the time being, are back at the top of Group Two having defeated the Morelia Monarcas 1-0 this afternoon, with Nayeli Rangel scoring the goal.

The squad managed by Ramón Villa Zevallos reached 33 points, one more than the Rayadas, who are yet to play this matchday.



During the first few minutes, our side struggled to get into their stride, particularly in their offensive play, while the hosts enjoyed possession and overlapping.

In fact, at minute six, Diana Guatemala received outside the box and attempted to overcome our goalkeeper, Vania Villalobos, one-on-one, although Jazmine Enrigue rapidly came forward to clear the loose ball.

This made our players react and gradually begin to gain possession, improve their rotation and penetrate the opponent’s penalty area.

At the fifteen-minute mark, following a corner kick, Nayeli Rangel capitalized on a series of rebounds to open the scoring. The 1-0 advantage gave our side the confidence to regroup on Morelos’ pitch.

Later on, at 24’, Belén Cruz broke away along the left flank, penetrated the box and fired off a dangerous-looking cross, but the Michoacán defense cleared the ball out for a corner.

A couple of minutes afterwards, the Monarcas reacted with Diana Guatemala controlling again, but her powerful shot just missed to the right. At this point in the match, the hosts began to create several goal opportunities.

Then, at 31’, it was María Sandoval’s turn to shoot at the felines’ goal, but her attempt was far too high.

Tigres Women responded at 38’, when Belén Cruz controlled on the outskirts of the box, but her shot was just wide of the right-hand post.

Three minutes seemed to flash by in a second, when in a one-two play between Evelyn González and Natalia Villarreal, the latter player ended up face-to-face with the net, but keeper Diana García blocked the shot.



Our players’ objective for the second half was to take their hosts by surprise and they succeeded three seconds in, when Belén Cruz’s long-range shot would certainly have gone into the net if it hadn’t been for the goalkeeper’s quick reactions.

Morelia had a chance at 50’, when María Cruzaley controlled and fired off a shot that goalkeeper Vania only just managed to save, conceding a corner.

At that point, manager Ramón Villa Zevallos began to make some substitutions, sending on María Fernanda Elizondo first and then Sonia Vázquez, seeking to improve the team’s overlapping.

At minute 68, Evelyn González broke away along the right flank, shook off her mark and crossed into the center, but no one was there to finish, putting an end to this opportunity.

María Fernanda Elizondo had a chance at 78’, when, with a half-turn on the edge of the box she managed to shoot, but the ball went over the net.

Evelyn González came close to scoring the second at 82’, but was unable to control sufficiently to shoot after a long ball had brought the keeper off her line.

Afterwards, at 86’, the goalkeeper sent Liliana Mercado’s direct free kick out for a corner, just after  keeper Vania intervened in the box when Monarcas had come very close to equalizing.

It was Liliana Rodríguez’s turn at 88’, when she received outside the box, but her attempt went high over the bar.



MORELIA WOMEN: 2 Diana García; 3 Michel Guerrero, 5 Maria Cruzaley, 11 Andrea Torres, 13 María Ruíz, 15 Alejandra Calderón (16 Maria del Socorro Gutiérrez 84’), 19 Jaqueline Ayala, 20 Diana Guatemala (17 Madelaine Pasco 66’), 21 María Sandoval, 22 Dalia Molina and 27 Sahiry Cruz.


TIGRES WOMEN: 33 Vania Villalobos; 3 Jazmín Enrigue, 4 Greta Espinoza, 7 Liliana Mercado, 9 Evelyn González, 11 Nayeli Rangel (5 Fernanda Elizondo 59’), 13 Karen Luna, 17 Natalia Villarreal, 18 Belén Cruz (27 Liliana Rodríguez 76’), 21 Jaquelin García and 22 Selene Cortés (16 Sonia Vázquez 64’).




0-1 (15’) Nayeli Rangel capitalizes on a loose ball inside the box.



MORELIA WOMEN: María Ruíz (52’)

TIGRES WOMEN: Nayeli Rangel (22’)





REFEREE: Lizzet García Rangel

ASSISTANT No. 1: Mayra Rangel

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Damaris Jiménez