Title Defense Starts with a Win

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, July 15th.- Tigres Women started their title defense with a win, defeating the Guadalajara Chivas 2-1 in the very first fixture of the Women’s Liga MX Apertura 2019 Tournament.

                Katty Martínez and Belén Cruz, the latter with a superb goal, were the game’s scorers and, even though the last few minutes of the match were nerve-wracking, our side held onto their lead to earn their first three points of the tournament. 


                FIRST HALF

                The match was fairly even at first, with Tigres Women seeking possession and Chivas rapid overlapping to penetrate their host’s goal area as soon as possible.

                However, our side gradually began to take control, since, at minute four, Lizbeth Ovalle gave Chivas their first warning through a mid-distance free kick that goalkeeper Rebaño saved in her box.

                Just a few minutes later, at 7’, Belén Cruz was able to break away, but Tigres’ first good look at goal was intercepted.

                The opponent reacted at minute 14, with a shot by María Sánchez that went over the goal defended by Ofelia Solís. Seconds afterwards, the same play was repeated, showing that Guadalajara were waking up.

                However, soon after, María Fernanda Elizondo won a long ball, broke away unmarked and accompanied by Katty Martínez, who received the ball and pushed it into the open net, making it 1-0 and firing up the almost 15 thousand Incomparable Fans.

                Fer Elizondo advanced at minute 32, cut back inside the box, but the defense blocked her ensuing shot. At that point, Tigres Women were dominating the match and looking for their second, which would, in fact, arrive just two minutes later.

                Belén Cruz received from her right, defeated the opponent with a step over and shook off her mark to fire off such a powerful shot that it hit the bar and ended up in the back of the net. Our player’s superb goal put Tigres ahead 2-0.

                At minute 39, Guadalajara came close with a very good opportunity, but Ofelia Solís stretched to the limit to concede a corner.



The pace was much the same at the start of the second half, although Guadalajara redoubled their attack on our box.

However, it was Tigres Women who created an opportunity for their third, when María Fernanda’s soft, mid-height shot was intercepted and headed out by a defender on the line.

Two minutes later, Jaqueline Ovalle broke away along her left and tried to cut back to Katty Martínez, but the ball was too far away to fix the play and the opportunity was lost.

We came very close to a third goal at minute 67, when Katty Martínez counterattacked, passed to the left to Jacqueline Ovalle, who broke into the box, drew the keeper off her line, but the defense intercepted her cross, sending the ball out for a corner.

At minute 90, Guadalajara narrowed the gap, when Miriam Castillo’s header inside the box took Ofelia Solís by surprise, making it 2-1 with the possibility of coming back in stoppage time.

Then, Evelyn González, who had just come on, came very close to the third in front of an open net, but the goalkeeper managed to intercept the shot and avoid conceding another goal.

 In the very last play, our side was saved when Joseline Montoya came face-to-face with the net, but, unbelievably, her shot missed to the left, denying the visitors a 2-2 draw.



TIGRES: 20 Ofelia Solís; 4 Greta Espinoza, 5 María Fernanda Elizondo (8 Carolina Jaramillo 70’), 6 Nancy Antonio, 7 Liliana Mercado, 10 Katty Martínez (9 Evelyn González 89’), 13 Karen Luna, 14 Lizbeth Ovalle, 15 Cristina Ferral, 18 Belén Cruz (11 Nayelli Rangel 83’) and 22 Selene Cortés.

                MGR.: ROBERTO MEDINA

CHIVAS: 12 Blanca María Félix; 2 Diana Rodríguez, 4 Janelly Farías, 5 Melissa Sosa, 6 Miriam Castillo, 8 Dania Pérez, 10 Tania Morales (30 Samara Alcalá 69’), 14 María Sánchez (35 Damaris Godinez 77’), 15 Kristal Soto, 17 Joseline Montoya and 22 Brenda Viramontes (29 Gabriela Huerta 62’).

                MGR.: RAMÓN VILLA ZEBALLOS



1-0   (22’) María Fernanda receives a through ball and passes to incoming Katty Martínez, who puts the ball into an empty net.

2-0 (34’) Belén Cruz receives from the right, shrugs off an opponent to score with a mid-range shot.

2-1 (90’) Miriam Castillo lobs a header from inside the box over the goalkeeper.






                RED CARDS



               REFEREE: Oscar Eduardo Peña

                ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Jonathan Morales

                ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Edgar De Lira

                FOURTH OFFICIAL: Héctor Abraham Pineda