Total Concentration.- Nahuel

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, January 17th.- Saturday’s match requires total concentration at all times, said Nahuel Guzmán, who today gave an atypical press conference, arriving dressed in a suit and tie, and showing, at the end of the same, that his clothes contrasted with the red shorts and trainers he was wearing.

“I imagine a game far beyond what the statistics say and a similar story to what happens when we play at home, which is why we need to be 100% concentrated and take care not to give away balls,” he explained.

Regarding their head-to-head history with the light-blues over the past few years, the goalkeeper commented that the games have been evenly-matched in every aspect.

“The games have been evenly matched. Thinking of the last few games, I can’t recall there being much of a difference at the football level or in the result,” he added.

“I think that really and particularly being at hone the game will be played usual, defensively, waiting for us to make a mistake, we’ll have to be careful about that,” he told the more than twenty journalists.

Take advantage of our attacking power…

“After trying to be aggressive when attacking, I think in that coming and going Cruz Azul proposes sometimes, where they have unbalancing players from the midfield forwards, we also have to take advantage of our attacking potential.”

A close-knit team…

“Today, we’re lucky enough to have a midfield who are familiar with each other, with a close-knit team and anyone who can fulfill that function. I say anyone because Tigres has two clear midfielders, who are Rafa and Guido, you can include Dueñas who’s more of an attacking player and, in that sense, we’ll try to take the initiative, try to keep it together in the midfield because we’re a team that when we lose the midfield, we suffer a bit more.”

Good luck to Martino, Manager of the Mexico National Team…

“First of all, I’m happy for him (Gerardo Martino), as a coach and as a person he’s very valuable, he’s left his mark everywhere he’s been and has known how to adapt to the players he’s been in charge of.

“The last club he was with was in Atlanta, where he could sign a team with specific requests, achieving incorporations.

“Whatever lies ahead for him, I wish him all the best. He’s a person I admire very much, both him and his coaching staff who I know, and I’m sure they will contribute a lot to the Mexico National Team. I hope he will be able to meet everyone’s expectations, his own and other people’s, so I humbly wish him the best of luck and, above all, every possible success.”