Tuca’ hopes the Gignac-Sosa duo will be productive

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Monday, July 18, 2016.- With the return of André-Pierre Gignac to the Tigres training sessions, the felines’ manager, Ricardo Ferretti, hopes that the French footballer will form a productive duo together with the new Argentine player, Ismael Sosa, which will bear fruit for the team in the future.

This is how the Brazilian helmsman responded to the press at the end of the training session in the Universitario Stadium, when he was asked whether the Gignac-Sosa duo would be one of the most feared in Mexican football.

“We’ll have to see when André arrives – he should be joining us by tomorrow (Tuesday). The two players, as well as the entire squad, need to adapt to each other. Let’s see how they get along. We all think that the possibility of two first-rate players making a good fit should be easier, but it really all depends on them (…).

“I hope that André and Sosa get along not only with each other, but also with the entire team. It shouldn’t be a problem and we are going to work towards that and then say that they will be the (most feared) duo… Actually, I hope that they will be a productive duo of forwards. André is a top goal scorer and Sosa is a great scorer, which is why the directors worked hard to assure these two players and all the others,” said ‘Tuca’.

He was also asked about the possible arrival of one more reinforcement to the team, and ‘Tuca’ affirmed that he is satisfied with the squad as it is right now, but the directors will exhaust all the options existing until the end of August, the date on which registrations close on an international level.

“If a player comes to this institution, it has to be someone who will contribute, who will always come as a quote, unquote, starter. Right now, I’m satisfied with what I’ve got, but the directors are still doing their job and we have until the end of August to find someone. It might happen, but if it doesn’t, I think we have a good team for competing in both the League and the Cup (Concacaf Champions)”, explained the manager.

‘Tuca’ also discussed what happened on the pitch last Sunday in Torreón, where Tigres achieved a goalless draw against Santos, and said that the team’s performance was adequate, although there is room for improvement. However, he emphasized that the first fixture produced one point for the team.

“At times the performance was good and at other times it could have been better, like everything in life. I think that for the first match, they played adequately and that as the dates go by, the team will reach a higher level, (…) at least we’ve improved one thing – last season we still had zero points by the third fixture and now we already have one, which is an improvement,” he said with a smile.