Tuca Aims Even Higher

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, January 14th.- Ricardo Ferretti clearly stated today that 26 points won’t be enough to qualify to the Playoffs, so the team needs to aim to surpass that figure.

Tigres qualified to the finals last season with 29 points and Tuca commented that with only 26, they might not have even made it to the Playoffs.

“Twenty-six points is a natural point that might give you the possibility of qualifying to the Playoffs, but nobody aims for 26, we all aim for the maximum number. Three points are in play in each match and that’s what we want. Sometimes it happens and others it doesn’t. But nobody thinks about qualifying with 26. Last season we wouldn’t have qualified with 26. From 26 up – our squad has the capacity to think about more than 26 points,” the manager said.

Regarding the team’s performance at the start if the tournament, Ferretti commented that the team did improve, not only at the group level, but also individually.

“We improved from one match to another and, of course, each player’s improvement changes the results.

“The result is reflected in the positive aspects. The performance against León was mediocre and we improved to good against Tijuana and, as I always say, drawing is mediocre and winning is good. I think we performed well and deserved the win.”

Will Tigres vs Cruz Azul be one of the best matches of the day?

“I don’t think so. For me, it’s just another match like any other. The only one that’s different is the one against Monterrey. The others deserve respect, so they’re not more or less than the other opponents.”

How can a locker room like Tigres’ be managed?

“I don’t think the situation is any different. We’ve been together for years. Some of the players who were here when I arrived in 2010 are in the squad and the ones who arrive adapt and learn our way of doing things. The locker room is about human relations, while the pitch is highly demanding. Nobody’s made of stone, we all have feelings, we all have a heart and these relations exist outside the pitch, but on the field, I’m equally demanding with everyone and so are they.”

In the model to structure Tigres, do you think the club set the standard for others to do the same?

“I don’t know whether we were that or not. For example, the others have always spent a large amount of money, América, Cruz Azul, Monterrey, in particular. The investments made by my directors have been well calculated.

“Neither 17 nor 20 million dollars, the figures managed right now are a lot lower. I don’ think we have any players who were bought for more than ten million. Years go by and prices rise. In this day and age, Mexican footballers have reached a price nobody would ever have imagined.

“People talk about 15-17 million all too easily and we try to do our job without worrying whether we’re this or that for others. The directive since I arrived here with Don Lorenzo (Zambrano), may he rest in peace, was to improve the institution’s situation regarding the relegation issue, which had been going on for two years. At the instructions of Don Lorenzo, “el ingeniero” (Alejandro Rodríguez) and with Miguel (Ángel Garza) we got down to work and fortunately things improved. We achieved important things, but, every day, every year, our objective is to continue to improve and fulfill all our goals, qualifying to the Playoffs, winning championships and pleasing the people who always support us.”

Most of the players are classified as starters

“Everyone wants to play, most of them are classified as starters, 18 or 20 players, but we can only send on 11 and I know perfectly well that the starting 11 will always be fine, confident, while the other seven on the bench might not be happy and the others will always be angry.

“I’ve always said that the opportunity they have to make me change my mind is on the pitch, there’s no chance off the field. Coming here to speak to you and say that’s not how it is just gives you the foundation to talk about something that’s completely normal in every team. Of course, there’s disgruntlement, of course there’s anger, but it doesn’t bother me. I have to send on eleven and I’m going to send on the eleven I think will be the best option for the team. I don’t have to be fair with anyone, with any player, I just have to be fair with the team.”

There’s no possibility of Javier Aquino and Lucas Zelarayán playing against Cruz Azul…

“No, there’s no possibility of taking Javier Aquino, Lucas (Zelarayán) into consideration. The others are training as usual; it’s only Lucas and Aquino who can’t be taken into consideration for the next match.”