Tuca Calm Before the Binational Tournament

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, July 22nd.- Manager Ricardo Ferretti commented that he’s calm, owing to the first half played against Morelia last Saturday, and that he will be using the whole squad for the start of the Leagues Cup.

               “I’m calm, after that first half. Morelia’s reaction was the result of an error on our part. Just 30 seconds went by and we made a mistake, which encouraged the opponents. Morelia improved and the team spread out too much, which is why our performance wasn’t the same as in the first half. Luis’ (Quiñones) injury affected us because he was playing such a good game,” he said.

                With the whole squad…

“I’ll be travelling for Wednesday’s match with the whole squad and hope to have defined the starting 11 before the game. I’ll be taking 20 players and am confident they will play in the way they know and train, which will produce a good result.”

                Triumph affects players’ mood…

“Well, of course every triumph will put you in the right mood for the next fixture and since we have matches on Wednesday and Sunday, we need to keep calm. That’s the schedule, Chivas, then Pumas.

“For me, they are situations that are programmed and we have to face them as well as we can. I’m not worried. We just hope there aren’t any injured players, but their recovery is fine and I don’t think it’s a problem that they’re playing Saturday, Wednesday and Sunday.”

                Leagues Cup…

                “All the matches for this Cup will be in the U.S.A. We know perfectly well why and the only situation that’s different is that we are starting our tournament. It’s the same for them when we start the Concacaf, they are starting their tournament and now it’s the other way round.

“They have already played lots of games in their tournament and we’re just getting started. Everything else is the same, because their league is doing well, gaining importance. Their teams have made a great deal of progress and it will be a difficult game, but we’re confident we’ll achieve a good result and continue in the Cup.”

                Experience is valuable…

                “Is it wrong to have experienced players? Both Monterrey and Tigres have experienced players who we trust because they have given us so much, since the ones who are now 30 or 32 years old, have given the institution these five titles, among others.”

                We take every tournament seriously…

                “We take every tournament in which we compete seriously, looking to win them all. Now there are international tournaments; we always wanted to participate in the Libertadores when we could. When Mexico had the opportunity to be in the  Libertadores and Copa América, it made significant progress.” 

                Were you surprised by the four goals on Saturday?

                “I don’t know why you’re surprised. A friend of mine and yours sent me the statistics for the last six tournaments, regarding the teams’ offense, which is great. In six tournaments, we’ve been the most defensive team.

“So, why shouldn’t we score four goals, Chaka’s was amazing, Aquino’s from an individual play, and another two with a more collective play… no one likes two goals against, but you’re also facing a capable team. We always hope to score as many goals as possible and concede as few as possible. That’s what any coach wants and sometimes we have to make do with 1-0, but you don’t seem to like it.”