Tuca Discusses the Reason why they Noticed Salcedo

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, January 21st.- The reason why Tigres and manager Ricardo Ferretti noticed Carlos Salcedo is simply because of all his qualities he currently displays on and off the pitch.

“He’s an international footballer, a National Team player, a player who’s playing in Europe, he’s Mexican, too many qualities for me to mention,” said the four-times champion manager with the felines.

Nevertheless, despite all these qualities, Salcedo will have to fight for a place just like all his teammates, since nobody signs a contract as a starter or as a substitute.

“He’s a defender, he’ll arrive and have to fight for place just like everyone else who plays here. Nobody signs a contract as a starter or as a substitute, so he’s coming here to achieve inside this institution, inside this squad, well, his place,” the manager added.

He’s coming to make up for some shortcomings…

“The team’s shortcomings? I think that in the last tournament, we conceded many goals from setpiece situations.”

First things first before playing on Saturday…

“He has to complete the medical, he has to go through a process of adaptation, getting to know his teammates, so, once all this is done, as I said beforehand, if he earns the position, then that’s fine with me.”

He’s coming to Tigres because of the status of the institution …

“I think that it’s a result of things that have happened, from being a team that had problems with being relegated to becoming a team that has won several titles, that has fought and always seeks to fight for titles. I think that attracts the attention of any footballer, everyone wants to be a winner, obtain results, which is what I think Tigres has achieved over the past few years and, naturally, players are interested in coming to this institution.”

   Where would he play?

“Well, I’ll wait until I see him. I can’t say right now whether he’ll be on the right, on the left, up, down.”

You’ve never coached him…

“I’ve never coached him. I think, before I arrived, in 2011, there were circumstances that, I don’t know why, brought him to the Reserves. A player suddenly arrives, a promotor arrives and, actually, I know very little about the Reserves. I focus on the first team and when I need someone from the Reserves, I turn to Carlos Muñoz and Hugo Hernández to see the players I should use in the training sessions.”