Tuca has all the players for the Preseason

RIVIERA MAYA, June 26.- Manager Ricardo Ferretti has all his players to achieve the same positive results as in the past year, in which the team played in two Liga and one Concacaf finals.
On arriving in the Mexican Caribbean, where the Apertura 2017 Tournament is being held, the coach reminded the 26 players that they made this trip a year ago and were there to work in the same way, which ultimately produced more than positive results.
“We came here a year ago and in the end the results were positive. All the players are here,” commented Ferretti, before the first training session today on the golf course, with physical exercises led by Guillermo Orta.
André-Pierre Gignac and Juninho, the only two players who hadn’t reported to work, are here now. The squad arrived on Sunday and for the 12 days of their stay, they’ll be working double sessions.
A year ago, the team prepared here for the Apertura 2016 and Clausura 2017 Tournaments, as well as the Concacaf, and reached the Final in all three of them, winning the title at Christmas last year.
For this preseason, the team travelled with 12 members of the reserves, since the idea is to observe which players are more advanced in both the Under-20 and Second Division categories, and to support the work of the 14 first-team players, as six are away with their National Sides.
Jair Díaz, Jorge Cruz, Miguel Quintanilla, Alejandro Robles, Juan José Sánchez, Jhory Celaya, Damián Torres, Cruz Leal, Julio Ibarra, David Navarro, Brian Rubio and Rafael Durán are the reserves who hope to convince Tuca that they deserve a spot in the first team.
During the afternoons, the team will be working on the pitch at the team hotel, where the manager will also be present.