Tuca Hopes for Greater Growth

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, February 4th.- Ricardo Ferretti commented that the team played well on Saturday in the match against Santos, but he hopes to prove that their performance can grow even more.

In the traditional Monday press conference, the UANL Tigres manager said that what he saw on Saturday was good as a base, but they need to be more demanding.

“Our performance was good, it was a good win, but I am always very demanding and every match is different. I hope that the level shown can continue to grow. I expect a lot more and I have players who can meet my demands.

“As a base it’s fine, but we need to continue to be more demanding amongst ourselves,” Tuca reiterated.

Is the number of points the team now has within the budget?

“It’s not something I worry about, whether we budgeted to have such and such a number of points. We have what we’ve achieved…I’d like to have 15, but we don’t have them.”

Defensive work…

“I think the defense performed well, but we conceded a goal. We need to improve. They need to always achieve zero goals conceded for me to praise them. It’s not about four or five players plus the goalkeeper, this is about all of them.”

We need to demand more and more of ourselves…

“It’s nothing that hasn’t happened to other teams. First of all, being demanding starts with oneself. I think everything is normal. No one is slitting their wrists or crying, or saying that they couldn’t care less. They’re professionals. They know that in this job we need to demand more and more of ourselves every day.”

The second half has been better…

“I think we were better against Tijuana, which has been the second half I liked best. Actually, I think in both second halves we played quite well.”

Two good players in each position…

“I think we have two good players in each position. It’s nothing new. What we expect is for whoever is playing to give their all.”

Looking for balance…

“What I’m looking for right now is to keep myself and keep them balanced, knowing that we did things properly in what’s gone by and that we have to work hard for what’s coming.”

Continue to win…

“Right now we’ve won two matches and our aim is to win again. We have to acknowledge the opponent, their capacity and do our best to better them and earn the points we want.

“The idea is to be in the top positions and I think we have this capacity, this possibility and we need to focus our efforts on that.”

Is there an advantage to having two more days of rest than the current opponent?

“An advantage in being able to determine the result? I don’t think so. They are professionals, they train the same as we do, they have the same capacity, I doubt it affects them much physically. Recovery is important after a match. Today was a difficult day for us since we didn’t have the training session yesterday we usually have in a short week.”