Undefeated Streak Over for Tigres Women

LEÓN, January 14th.- Tigres Women were unable to take advantage of their opportunities and this, together with some defensive errors, put an end to their 25-match unbeaten streak, losing 2-1 to the León Esmeraldas in the Clausura 2019 tournament.

Our ladies were ahead 1-0 at minute eleven of the match, but two errors, the second at 90’, produced their first defeat in 25 games, leaving them with three points so far.



The match started evenly on the pitch, but our side gradually gained control and possession, penetrating from both flanks and seeking to block the opponent’s attacks.

At minute six, Evelyn González, on the left, crossed to Belén Cruz, but her left-footed shot went wide of the right-hand post.

Then, at 11’, in a direct free kick, Jacqueline Ovalle put the ball into the net inside the right-hand post, with a left-footed shot, giving Ramón Villa Zevallos’ players the advantage.

At minute 27, León attempted to react, with a mid-distance shot by Michelle González, but the ball was somewhat off target.

At that moment of the match, the hosts began to gain possession and, at 31’, Tigres lost a ball as they came out form the back and Nancy Antonio was forced to advance rapidly to save her goal, which was being threatened by González.

Then, at 33’, Natalia Miramontes was overcome on the left flank, allowing Diana García to overlap and cross, but, although the ball was passed around the box, nobody finished.

Tigres endeavored to shake off the pressure with long balls, such as at 41’, when Lizbeth Ovalle broke away, but the defense intervened inside the box in a play that called for a penalty, which was denied by the referee who awarded a goal kick.



The second half started with the hosts determined to attack, when, at 46’, Ángeles Martínez had to intervene to prevent the fall of her goal and then, at 49’, Yamile Franco’s header missed tom the left.

Later, at 58’, Jackie Ovalle yet again came close to scoring with another long-range direct free kick that sought the upper right corner of the net, but León’s goalkeeper deflected the ball, conceding a corner.

Evelyn González, at 63’, attempted a shot from the right that went over the net, but clearly proved that Tigres Women wanted the second.

León attempted to attack with long balls, waiting for their opponent to make a mistake so they could break through to the net and equalize.

Ovalle persisted at minute 68, when in a switch of sides, she controlled along the left, but her shot was saved in two moves by the goalkeeper.

But a minute afterwards, Belén Cruz made a mistake in the penalty area, moving out from the back and losing the ball Perla Navarrete, whose mid-distance shot went into an empty net to equalize 1-1.

Fernanda Elizondo came close for our side at minute 79, but her shot was too high, just centimeters from the cries of ‘goal’ and then, at 86’, the goalkeeper blocked her shot in two moves.

Then, the unthinkable happened at 90’, when Ángeles Martínez put the ball inside the box with a corner kick and Selene Valera took advantage to bring the score to 2-1, putting an end to the extraordinary 25-match unbeaten streak.



LEÓN: 1 Gabriela Herrera; 2 Claudia Anguiano, 3 Nataly Cárdenas, 4 Selene Valera, 5 Jeniffer Salazar, 8 Michelle González, 10 Diana García (14 Leticia Vázquez 83’), 23 Tania García (25 Dariana Rubio 70’), 11 Yamile Franco, 20 Perla Navarrete and 24 Denisse Valdez (6 Joselyn de la Rosa 89’).


TIGRES WOMEN: 29 María Martínez; 3 Jazmin Enrigue, 22 Selene Cortés, 6 Nancy Antonio, 7 Liliana Mercado, 11 Nayeli Rangel (5 Fernanda Elizondo 62’), 14 Jacqueline Ovalle, 18 Belén Cruz, 31 Natalia Miramontes, 9 Evelyn González (19 Blanca Solís 73’) and 10 Katty Martínez (24 Vanessa González 87’).




0-1 (11’) Jacqueline Ovalle in a direct free kick outside the box.

1-1 (69’) Perla Navarrete intercepts a ball and shoots into an empty goal.

2-1  Following a corner, Selene Valera takes advantage of a loose ball inside the box.



LEÓN WOMEN : Michelle González (75’)






REFEREE: Lucila Venegas

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Enedina Caudillo

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Damaris Jiménez