Under-15 Tigres Girls Qualify in the Top Spot of their Group

The U-15 Tigres Girls, representing Nuevo León, celebrated their second victory today in the National Amateur Girls’ Championship played at Casa del Fútbol in Toluca.

The Tigres Women Academy Players, coached by Jonathan and Dante Delgado, enthusiastically went out onto the pitch to face the Tamaulipas representative, motivated by their first results of 6-0 on Friday and 1-1 against Querétaro.

The team played earnestly, giving their all. The defensive line was particularly outstanding, blocking any attempts to advance by the opposing side.

The midfielders dominated throughout the game and our unstoppable forwards made the most of their speed and skill to generate numerous goal opportunities and score four goals, two in the first half by Azucena Martinez and Ximena Barra, and two in the second, thanks to Britany Cardenas and Michelle Cavazos.

With this result, our side qualifies in the top spot of their group and will face Guanajuato tomorrow at 8:00 in the round of sixteen.


(1-0) At 6’, Azucena Martínez scores a superb goal into the corner of the net, from a free kick.

(2-0) At 11’, Ximena Barra finishes a fine play, assisted by Angélica Murillo with a cross that reached the goal line.

(3-0) At 9’ of the second half, Britany Cárdenas receives a long pass, won owing to her speed, dribbles past a defender and crosses to score.

(4-0) At 18’ of the second half, Michelle Cavazos advances rapidly with a through ball and crosses as the goalkeeper comes off her line.