Victory and qualification are the priority for Tigres.- Damián Álvarez

ZUAZUA | Tuesday, October 11, 2016.- Tigres’ goal this Saturday in the match against Necaxa will be to qualify to the Playoffs and try to leave the mistakes made in the last game in the past, proving that they are ready to return to the good practices that took them to the top of the General Table, assured Damián Álvarez, a midfielder with the universitarios.

“For us, (the match against the Rayos) is about trying to find victory again. The last phase of the tournament is about to start and we hope to overcome this team that’s going to bring its full weaponry, ready to fight. However, we are confident that we can find victory again, as long as we put into practice everything that had led us to a positive outcome beforehand.

“We hope to win again, we hope to play well again, to forget what happened in the last match (against León), to think about the future, the many things that can be improved and the many things that can be done and let’s hope we can assure (our qualification),” said the Argentinian who has become a Mexican citizen.

The match against the Rayos won’t be easy

“The fact that (Necaxa) is new in this category doesn’t mean anything. We know about those statistics (being undefeated for seven consecutive matches), we know they’ve had some good matches, that it’s a team that never gives up on the ball, we know its players, so we can’t leave anything to chance. I feel that our team is ready to come out onto the pitch on Saturday and play a good game and each player is prepared to do their job, to deliver and win the match. We know that it’s not at all easy, but I think that Tigres has to be determined to win the three points.”

The Aguascalientes team’s game play is based on order

“This team is based on order, they never give up on a ball, they endeavor to be penetrating when attacking and have some interesting plays. They have some goal scorers, so we have to think about breaking certain circuits to cut off Necaxa’s opportunities and emphasize our partnerships and try to attack aggressively.”

We need to play with a focused mindset.

“It’s this week’s opponent, so I don’t know whether this is the perfect time or not (to win again). I do feel that in this game we have to be focused in order to achieve victory. We’re so close to assuring qualification and we’re not desperate, nor should we see this match as such, but rather do a good job just as we have already done in loads of matches. We can’t ask for anything before or after the match. We have to deliver during the match, otherwise there’s no point, and I honestly think that Necaxa won’t be an easy opponent.”

Puch’s absence from Necaxa’s practice doesn’t mean anything.

“He’s an interesting player (Edson Puch), perhaps they’re looking after him, perhaps he’ll be able to play this weekend. We’ve observed that he knows how to move. I think he’s an important player within Necaxa’s structure, but they don’t just depend on him. It’s a team that’s going to do its best to stop Tigres from playing and we have to be ready. We’re taking this match very seriously.”