Victory builds Tigres’ confidence.- Ricardo Ferretti

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Monday, March 6, 2017.-After a shaky start to the tournament, out of the last nine points in play, Tigres has managed to win a total of seven. Nevertheless, the manager Ricardo Ferretti is not nervous and assures that they are just getting back on track, so it’s still too soon to talk about the possibility of qualifying.

“As I said, these two victories have built our confidence, while our qualification to the (Semifinal of the) Champions League is another dose of motivation, but we have to keep on confirming these things, we’re hosting the Super Leader of the championship.

“Afterwards, we’ll be competing against a Canadian team (Whitecaps), who are a very strong squad. I hope my team can continue to produce these positive results and if we manage to earn points, through good football and positive outcomes, I think that we’ll be able to talk about qualifying very soon, but it’s a bit too soon right now,” said ‘Tuca’.

We must reciprocate the fans’ support with good football.

“I never ask anything of my fans, I always thank them for their support, for their affection, so going and telling them: ‘don’t get too excited… Yes, I could, but they also have the right to dream like us, so that hope of qualifying that we’re generating is something they also feel, and I think that the next match won’t be the exception. The support in the stadium will be amazing and we have to reciprocate this with football, well-played football and if we can do this, we’ll have a greater chance of winning.”

Not conceding any goals is very positive.

“If you win, you have a better week, and the team appears to be finding a level. I think that in the last two matches, we’ve played in our usual way, with balance. We haven’t conceded a goal in the last two matches, which is very positive, and everyone always wants to score lots of goals, but our decisiveness has been satisfactory, so we’ve had the opportunity of earning six points in these two games.”

Chivas will put us to the test

“Just as we don’t underrate anybody, we don’t overrate them either. We aim for an emotional balance in that aspect, we don’t look down at anyone or up to them either. It’s going to be a difficult match because they’re playing very well and I hope my team’s game will be equal to our club’s prestige.”

The Mexican Liga is a highly competitive tournament

“I’ve always thought that our championship is very competitive and that anyone can win. A lot of you think that it’s mediocre, others say things like it’s irregular, and I say that it’s competitive, with the new rule, even more so. So, I think the statistics are quite clear and that’s why I think that with these two matches we are making things right and if we hadn’t won yesterday, I very much doubt we’d have a chance of qualifying.”