Victory in Albuquerque

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico, November 14.- The UANL Tigres competed in this US city with a 2-0 win over Santos Laguna, in a friendly match corresponding to the FIFA calendar.

                Rafael de Souza and Eduardo Vargas scored the two goals that gave our side the victory in Isotopes Park.

                FIRST HALF

                It was a typical start to a friendly game, slow paced and with both sides trying to study each other to find where they could attack.

                Nevertheless, Juninho was put to work deep inside the box to intercept a dangerous-looking shot, just two minutes into the match.

                Later on, it was our team who had the opportunities. First, at 9’, Carioca’s cross into the penalty area was intercepted by the defense and, then, at minute 14, Eduardo Vargas came face-to-face with goalkeeper Orozco who saved his point-blank shot.

                At 16’, Hugo Ayala deflected the ball, putting an end to an opportunity for the opponents, who, at 18’, had another chance with a header that Miguel Ortega easily saved.

                Then, at 21’, Cotré’s header from inside the box went wide past Ortega’s right post.  Santos was coming close to our side’s net.

                But Tigres was putting the pressure on and, at minute 31, Rafael de Souza appeared outside the box with a diagonal shot that went into the net just inside the right post. The 1-0 somewhat mitigated the freezing cold temperature on the pitch.

                Being in the lead gave our side the confidence to pass the ball more, protect possession and play across the field, while the opponent sought to overlap rapidly.

                Towards the end of the first half, Jürgen Damm came close to the second, when he lowered the ball inside the box, but, on controlling, the defense intercepted.

                SECOND HALF

                Tigres made three substitutions for the second half, with Juan Purata, Lalo Fernández and Damián Torres replacing Ayala, Ortega and Acosta, which caused a delay in settling in on the pitch.

               Santos began to take advantage of this situation and came close over and over again, but our defense stood firm.

                However, Eduardo Vargas had a couple of opportunities, when, at minute 54, he broke away at high speed, but was intercepted before he made it to the penalty area and then, at 56’, unmarked, his attempt went high.

                A minute later, Cotré responded with a shot from inside the box that went over Lalo Fernández’s goal.

                And just as the opponent was endeavoring to do more harm to Lalo Fernández’s goal, Damián Torres appeared inside the box and his shot hit a Santos’ player’s hand. Vargas converted the penalty, bringing the score to 2-0.

                This wider lead put our players more at ease, but with the same intention of passing the ball in different areas of the field.

                Luis Da Silva, a new team member for this tournament, replaced Vargas, fitting in well with his game, but clearly requiring more time to get used to the team’s system.

                Santos came close to scoring near the end of the match, but the Meza’s fine intervention and defense saved our side from conceding a goal.


                TIGRES: Miguel Ortega (Eduardo Fernández 46’); Israel Jiménez, Juninho, Hugo Ayala (Juan Purata 46’), Francisco Meza, Eduardo Tercero, Rafael de Souza, Guido Pizarro, Alberto Acosta (Damián Torres 46’), Jürgen Damm (Edwin Cerna 80’) and Eduardo Vargas (Luis Da Silva 64’).


SANTOS: Jonathan Orozco (Carlos Acevedo 46’); Emilio Orrantia (Jorge González 62’), Gerardo Alcoba (Martín Nerio 69’), Alejandro Castro (Julio Furch 68’), Javier Abella (Jonathan Díaz 46’), Diego de Buen (Osvaldo Martínez 62’), Ulises Rivas (José Vázquez 62’), Jesús Isijara (Matías Doria 69’), Deiner Quiñones (Javier Cortes 46’), Edwin Cotré (Alberto Ocejo 76’) and Eduardo Herrera

                MGR.: SALVADOR REYES


1-0 (31’) Rafael de Souza receives outside the box with a diagonal shot that goes into the net just inside the right.

2-0 (64’) Hand ball inside the penalty area; Eduardo Vargas successfully converts the penalty.


TIGRES: Hugo Ayala (40’) and Juan Purata (67’)