Waiting for an Opportunity.- Venegas

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, January 31st.- Francisco Venegas is waiting for the opportunity to debut with the UANL Tigres, something he has been working on since joining the squad for this Clausura 2019 tournament.

“A higher standard benefits the team,” commented Venegas to the press. “We have to wait for the coaching staff’s decision. We work hard to earn a spot and if we are given the opportunity, well, that’s good,” he reiterated regarding the possibility of playing against Santos.

When a reporter asked him about the adaptation of his new teammate, Carlos Salcedo, he said that it’s going well and added that they need to get back on track to winning at home against Santos.

“He’s adapting quickly. We’re facing a difficult match (against Santos), playing at home, so we need to get back on track,” he indicated.

Some reporters asked him about whether or not he’ll be playing in his usual position, as a center-back. “What’s important is to play, regardless of the position,” he answered.

What do you think about being on a par with the team’s stars?

“Well, you have to train where you’re placed and do your best for the team. This has to do with the pace of the game, getting down to work during the week and whenever you can.”

What do you think of the rotations implemented by the coaching staff?

“Ultimately he (Ricardo Ferretti) is the one who makes the decisions. We are here to work hard and do our best, waiting for an opportunity, making ourselves noticed.”

There have been many movements on the left flank. Do you think that’s the weak point?

“I don’t know if it’s a weak point. If I’m put there, then I’ll do my best. Dueñas is a great player and we all need to work hard, something the team is committed to.”

Double competition, Liga and Concacaf…

“I said a few days ago that Concacaf is important and we’re all in good form, which is going to be important. Whether it’s the Liga or Concacaf, we’ll be competing to the best of our ability.”