We’ll be playing on Saturday as though it were a final.- Torres Nilo

Tigres knows the significance of this Saturday’s match against Dorados and, therefore, will be coming out onto the pitch of the Universitario Stadium to play as though they were in a Final, with the same intensity and the knowledge that there is no tomorrow if they want to take possession of one of the privileged spots to be in the playoffs, assured Jorge Torres Nilo, defense for the felines.

“We are truly playing for a place in the final eight; that’s what we want, because this team is designed for that and has the mentality to be there. That’s the mindset we’ll be playing with, we know the difficulties involved, but all that matters to us is the playoffs.

“What matters to us (right now) is the match against Dorados; the truth is that it’s still up to us. We’ll be considering it as a Final, knowing that they will be coming with the same attitude, so it’s going to be a key match, a life-or-death match for us,” explained ‘Pechu’ to the media after the team’s training session at the Universitario Stadium.

The felines’ left back emphasized that he is quite clear about where the team has gone wrong across these past five matches, in which they have obtained three draws and two defeats, so they have spent this week working hard, especially as they know that the Dorados of today is a much stronger team than the one they faced last season.

“In fact, we have seen Dorados and it’s a different team from the one that played the last tournament, with more dynamic players, so it won’t be the same Dorados we faced last season. Even though they have had a complicated season, it’s not a team that plays poorly, so rather than focusing on them in particular, we are addressing and working on what we would really like to do this weekend.

“There are several things we’ve been addressing during training; we know what needs to be improved and those are the things we are aware that we haven’t been getting right, so we are concentrating on them and hope that they won’t happen again,” he commented.

Finally, ‘Pechu’ pointed out that the key factors for achieving a positive result this Saturday will be perseverance and patience, as well as maintaining a balance on the field.